PS – Project System

The Project System (PS) module is used to help organizations manage a project throughout its entire lifecycle. From resource planning, setting up structured plans, and executing to completion of project.

Project System integrates with many other SAP modules including but not limited to Materials Management, Sales and Distribution, Finance, and Production Planning.

Within Project System, some activities involved can include:

  • Project Structuring – Structuring with Work Breakdown Structures and Networks
  • Project Scheduling – Setting up project plan schedules and dependencies
  • Capacity and Workforce Planning – Setup capacity requirements and analyze what-if scenarios
  • Material and External Service Planning – Plan material requirements against material availability. If needed, automatically procure additional materials.
  • Financial Planning – Plan out your project around expected revenue and costs. Billing dates can be setup around project milestones
  • Budget Management – Manage the project’s approved budget and setup a cost structure accordingly
  • Confirmations – While the project is being executed, use confirmations to see what work was actually performed. Use this data to compare against the planned project.
  • Project Procurement – Automatically create purchase requisitions based on the project needs and requirements
  • Cost Integration and Billing – Project System allows you to see costs incurred against the project in real-time which can help organizations make quicker decisions especially when executing against tight budgets.

In addition, Project System offers robust reporting. Project System comes with standard reports including BI reports.

SAP Module ID Module
PS Project System
PS-CAF Payments
PS-CAF-ACT Actual Payments and Forecast
PS-CLM Claim Management
PS-CON Confirmation
PS-COS Costs
PS-COS-PER-IC Interest
PS-COS-PER-SE Settlement
PS-COS-PLN Planned Costs
PS-CRP-WFP Workforce Planning
PS-DAT Dates
PS-DOC-DMS Document Processing
PS-IS Information System
PS-IS-CON-SUM Project Summarization
PS-IS-REP Project Reports
PS-IS-REP-ACC Accounting
PS-IS-REP-LOG Logistics
PS-MAT Material
PS-MAT-DLV Delivery
PS-MAT-PRO Project-Oriented Procurement
PS-PRG Progress
PS-PRG-EVA Progress Analysis
PS-PRG-TRC Progress Tracking
PS-REV Revenues and Earnings
PS-REV-ACT Actual Revenues and Forecast
PS-REV-CPR Construction Progress Report
PS-REV-TRF Transfer Prices and Decentralized Responsibility
PS-SIM Simulation
PS-ST Structures
PS-ST-INT Interface to External Project Software
PS-ST-OPR Operative Structures
PS-ST-OPR-NET Network and Activity
PS-ST-OPR-PB Project Builder
PS-ST-OPR-PPB Project Planning Board
PS-ST-TMP Templates
PS-ST-TMP-NET Standard Network