PM – Plant Maintenance

The Plant Maintenance (PM) solution supports the organization’s overall maintenance processes. These processes can include regularly scheduled maintenance, inspections, repairs, and preventative maintenance. This module can integrate with Production Planning (PP) and Materials Management.

One functionality includes creating a maintenance plan. Organizations typically have some type of maintenance plan for their facilities and equipment. Instead of waiting for something to break, you usually would want to have regularly scheduled maintenance to make sure equipment and facilities are working in optimal conditions. Work orders can be automatically created based on these maintenance plans.

SAP Module ID Module
PM Plant Maintenance
PM-EQM-BM Bills of Material (Plant Maintenance)
PM-EQM-CC Configuration Control
PM-EQM-EQ Equipment
PM-EQM-FL Functional Locations
PM-EQM-ON Object Networking
PM-EQM-SF-MPC Measuring Points and Counters
PM-EQM-SF-WA Warranties
PM-EQM-THO Takeover/Handover of Technical Objects
PM-IS-REP Reporting
PM-PRM-TL Maintenance Task Lists
PM-WCM Work Clearance Management
PM-WOC Maintenance Processing
PM-WOC-CP Capacity and Resource Planning
PM-WOC-JC Completion Confirmations
PM-WOC-MH Maintenance History
PM-WOC-MN Maintenance Notifications
PM-WOC-MO Maintenance Orders