LO – Logistics – General

Compare to Logistics Execution (LE), the Logistics – General (LO) component supports more of the master data around logistics such as business partners and engineering change management.

SAP Module ID Module
LO Logistics – General
LO-AB Agency Business (Global Trade)
LO-ADM Additionals Management
LO-BM Batches
LO-BM-AI Active Ingredient Management
LO-CM Configuration management
LO-ECH Engineering Change Management
LO-ELR Electronic Data Records
LO-GT Global Trade
LO-GT-CHB Chargeback
LO-GTF General Application Functions
LO-GT-PM Position Management
LO-GT-TC Trading Contract
LO-GT-TC-VC Variant Configuration
LO-GT-TE Expenses
LO-GT-TEW Trading Execution Workbench
LO-HU Handling Unit Management
LO-HU-BF Basic functions
LO-HU-MD Master data
LO-HU-PR Editing
LO-LIS Logistics Information System (LIS)
LO-LIS-DC Data Collection
LO-LIS-EWS Early Warning System
LO-LIS-LIB Logistics Information Library
LO-LIS-REP Reporting
LO-MAP Merchandise and Assortment Planning
LO-MD Logistics Basic Data
LO-MD-BOM Bills of Material
LO-MD-BP Business Partners
LO-MD-BP-CM Customer Master
LO-MD-BP-VM Vendor Master
LO-MD-FPD Instore Production
LO-MD-MG Material Groups
LO-MD-MM Material Master
LO-MD-MPA Assignment of Markdown Profiles
LO-MD-PC Product Catalog
LO-MD-PL Plant Master
LO-MD-PPE Integrated Product and Process Engineering
LO-MD-PPW Price Planning Workbench
LO-MD-PR Promotion
LO-MD-QO Quantity optimizing
LO-MD-RA Assortment
LO-MD-RA-ASL Assortment List
LO-MD-RA-MT Assortment Maintenance
LO-MD-RDM Retail Demand Management
LO-MD-RPC Retail Pricing
LO-MDS Merchandise Distribution
LO-MDS-AL Allocation
LO-MDS-CPO Collective Purchase Order
LO-MD-SE-MT Season Processing
LO-MD-SN Serial Numbers
LO-MD-UID Unique Identification
LO-PDM Product Data Management
LO-PDM-GF General Functions
LO-PDM-GF-OBR Product Structure Browser
LO-PR Forecast
LO-S95 ANSI/ISA S95 Interface
LO-SCI Supply Chain Planning Interfaces (SCPI)
LO-SCI-AIN Auto-ID Backend Integration
LO-SCI-POI Production Optimization Interface (POI)
LO-SPM-INB Goods Receipt Process
LO-SPM-OUT Goods Issue Process
LO-SPM-RET Complaints and Returns
LO-SPM-STO Stock Transfers
LO-SPM-X Cross-Application Topics
LO-SRS SAP Retail Store
LO-VC Variant Configuration
LO-VC-LOI LO Integration
LO-WTY Warranty Claim Processing