CO – Controlling

The Controlling (CO) module is one of the most used components across companies today. The module helps management make quick decisions across all departments within the organization. Within this module, planning and coordination is key to succesfully leveraging this functionality.

SAP Module ID Module
CO Controlling
CO-OM Overhead Cost Controlling
CO-OM-ABC Activity-Based Costing
CO-OM-ACT Activity Types
CO-OM-CCA Cost Center Accounting
CO-OM-CEL Cost Element Accounting
CO-OM-IS Information System, iViews
CO-OM-OPA Overhead Cost Orders
CO-OM-OPA-PL-MA Manual Order Planning
CO-OM-PRO-PL-CP Cost Planning in the WBS
CO-PA Profitability Analysis
CO-PA-ACT Flows of Actual Values
CO-PA-TO Tools
CO-PC Product Cost Controlling
CO-PC-ACT Actual Costing/Material Ledger
CO-PC-ACT-AVR Alternative Valuation Run
CO-PC-ACT-DUV Distribution of Usage Variances
CO-PC-ACT-PER Periodic Material Valuation
CO-PC-ACT-PRU Price Change
CO-PC-IS Product Cost Controlling Information System
CO-PC-OBJ Cost Object Controlling
CO-PC-OBJ-PER Product Cost by Period
CO-PC-PCP Product Cost Planning
CO-PC-PCP-WQS Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure