CA – Cross-Application Components

Transactions in classified as Cross-Application Components (CA) are used across various SAP modules. There are about 8500 transactions under this module.

SAP Module ID Module
CA Cross-Application Components
CA-ARC Archiving
CA-AUD Audit Management
CA-BFA-ABL ALE Business Process Library
CA-BFA-TRA Transceiver
CA-BK Bank
CA-CAD CAD Integration
CA-CL Classification
CA-CL-CHR Characteristics
CA-CL-CL Classification
CA-CL-CLS Classes
CA-CL-ENV Environment
CA-CL-SEL Object Selection
CA-CUS Global Organization Customizing
CA-DMS Document Management System
CA-DSG Digital Signature
CA-EDI IDoc Interfaces for EDI
CA-ESS Employee Self-Service
CA-EUR-CNV Local Currency Changeover
CA-EUR-CUR Currency Customizing and Handling for Euro
CA-FIM-FCO Financial Conditions
CA-FIM-FMA Financial Mathematics
CA-FS-AD Link Between Address Management and Objects
CA-FS-BP Business Partner Enhancements for Financial Services
CA-GTF General Application Functions
CA-GTF-AP-AP Appraisal Systems
CA-GTF-AP-PM Appraisal, Valuation, and Survey Tool
CA-GTF-BRF Business Rule Framework
CA-GTF-BS Business Application Support
CA-GTF-BS-SQ Screen Sequence Control
CA-GTF-COR Correspondence Tool
CA-GTF-CPE Commodity Pricing Engine
CA-GTF-CSC Country-Specific Objects
CA-GTF-DCM Data Transfer
CA-GTF-DEP Object Dependencies
CA-GTF-DRT Data Retention Tool
CA-GTF-ECM Engineering Change Management
CA-GTF-EEW Easy Enhancement Workbench
CA-GTF-ES Enterprise Services
CA-GTF-GDP Data Access in Agreement with German Tax Law
CA-GTF-GL Cross-Application Services General Ledger
CA-GTF-IC Interaction Center WebClient
CA-GTF-IC-ACC Activity Clipboard
CA-GTF-IC-CHA Communication Channel
CA-GTF-IC-FRW Framework
CA-GTF-IC-SAF Software Agent Framework
CA-GTF-IC-SCR Scripting
CA-GTF-MDF Master Data Framework
CA-GTF-MS Cross-Application Mass Maintenance
CA-GTF-PCF People Centric UI Framework
CA-GTF-PCF-CUS People Centric UI Framework Customizing
CA-GTF-PCU-BP Dialog People-Centric UI for Business Partner
CA-GTF-PCU-PRO Dialog People-Centric UI for Products
CA-GTF-PWB Print Workbench
CA-GTF-QR Qualifications and Requirements
CA-GTF-RCM Records and Case Management
CA-GTF-SCM Schedule Manager
CA-GTF-SGF Generic Functions for mySAP Suite
CA-GTF-SGF-FPB Personalization Framework
CA-GTF-SGF-KFM Generic Key Figure Monitor
CA-GTF-SGF-POW Personalizable Worklist of Objects
CA-GTF-TS Technical Application Support
CA-GTF-TS-BRHF Basis-Related Help Functions, Appl. Log, Formula Intepreter
CA-GTF-TS-CD Change Document Tool and Time Stamp Management
CA-GTF-TS-CNS Change Pointer Service
CA-GTF-TS-FAW Central Field Selection
CA-GTF-TS-GC Link to Geographic Information System
CA-GTF-TS-GMA Generating, Monitoring for Mass Data Archiving Solutions
CA-GTF-TS-PDC Framework for the Principle of Dual Control
CA-GTF-TS-PGC Persistent Garbage Collector
CA-GTF-TS-PPM Batch-Oriented Parallel Processing of Mass Data
CA-GTF-TS-PPO Postprocessing Office
CA-GTF-TS-SMT General status management
CA-GTF-TS-WSI Integration of Catalogs, Partner Directories (OCI, OPI)
CA-GTF-UPS Distribution Unit / Distribution Packet
CA-GTF-XF SAP Expert Finder
CA-HR Cross-Application Objects in HR
CA-JVA Joint Venture und Production Sharing Accounting
CA-JVA-PRC Project Risk Management for Contractors
CA-NO Messages
CA-OIW Open Information Warehouse
CA-SUR Web Survey
CA-TS Time Sheet
CA-WUI-GOL-BOL Business Object Layer
CA-WUI-GOL-GIL Generic Interaction Layer
CA-WUI-UI-RT UI Runtime Environment
CA-WUI-WKB Development Workbench