SD – Sales and Distribution

The Sales and Distribution (SD) module helps organizations manage their business processes around shipping, selling, and billing for products and services provided.

SAP Module ID Module
SD Sales and Distribution
SD-BF Basic Functions
SD-BF-AC Availability Check
SD-BF-ACT Account Determination
SD-BF-AS Material Sorting
SD-BF-CM Credit Management
SD-BF-FG Free Goods
SD-BF-OC Output Determination
SD-BF-PR Pricing and Conditions
SD-BF-TP Word Processing
SD-BIL Billing
SD-BIL-EM Empties Management
SD-BIL-GF Basic Functions
SD-BIL-IV-CP Complaints Processing
SD-BIL-IV-PC Payment Cards
SD-BIL-IV-SBI Self-Billing Proced.
SD-BIL-IV-SM Expense-Related Billing
SD-BIL-RB Rebate Processing
SD-BIL-RB-ENH Extended Rebate
SD-BIL-RB-PL Pendulum List Indirect Sales
SD-BIL-RR Revenue recognition
SD-CAS-BD Basic Data
SD-CAS-SA Sales Activities
SD-CAS-SP Sales Promotions
SD-EDI Electronic Data Interchange
SD-FT Foreign Trade
SD-FT-PRO Basic Functions
SD-IS Information System
SD-IS-DC Data Collection
SD-IS-REP Reporting
SD-MD Master Data
SD-MD-CM Conditions
SD-MD-MM Material Maintenance
SD-MD-MM-CS Additional Material Functions
SD-POS POS Interface
SD-POS-IN POS Interface – Inbound
SD-POS-OUT POS Interface – Outbound
SD-SLS Sales
SD-SLS-GF Basic Functions
SD-SLS-OA-SCH Customer Scheduling Agreement
SD-SLS-PLL Part Load Lift Orders
SD-SLS-PLL-OBS Remaining Beverage – Obsolete Objects
SD-SLS-RE-SR Sales Returns