RE – Real Estate Management

The Real Estate Management (RE) module helps corporations manage their property and facilities. Laws and regulations governing the management of real estate can be complex and cumbersome. This solution can help optimize business processes around real estate management.

SAP Module ID Module
RE Real Estate Management
RE-BD Basic Data
RE-CO Real Estate Controlling
RE-FX Flexible Real Estate Management
RE-FX-AJ Rent Adjustment
RE-FX-BD Basic Data
RE-FX-BP Business Partner
RE-FX-CN Real Estate Contract
RE-FX-CO Real Estate Controlling
RE-FX-CP Correspondence
RE-FX-IS Information System
RE-FX-IT Input Tax Treatment
RE-FX-LM Land Use Management
RE-FX-MI Migration
RE-FX-MM Third Party Management/COA
RE-FX-OR Offer and Rental Request
RE-FX-RA Rental Accounting
RE-FX-SC Service Charge Settlement
RE-FX-SR Sales-Based Rent and Settlement
RE-IT Input Tax Treatment
RE-RT-AO Management of Interested Parties
RE-RT-RA Rental Accounting
RE-RT-SC Service Charge Settlement
RE-RT-SR Sales-Based Settlement