QM – Quality Management

Use SAP’s Quality Management (QM) solution to manage your quality management processes including but not limited to audit assessments, sampling plans, quality inspections, certificate of analysis, and quality improvement. Help maintain high product quality standards with this module.

SAP Module ID Module
QM Quality Management
QM-CA Quality Certificates
QM-CA-MD Basic Data for Certificates
QM-IM Quality Inspection
QM-IM-RR Results Recording
QM-IM-SM Sample Management
QM-IM-UD Inspection Lot Completion
QM-PT-BD Basic Data
QM-PT-BD-CAT Catalog
QM-PT-BD-ICH Inspection Characteristic
QM-PT-BD-SPL Samples and SPC
QM-PT-CP Control Plan
QM-PT-FA Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
QM-PT-IP Inspection Planning
QM-PT-RP-PRC QM Control in Procurement
QM-PT-RP-SD QM Control in Sales and Distribution
QM-QC-AQC Active Quality Control
QM-QC-IS Information System
QM-QN Quality Notifications
QM-QN-NM-8D QM 8D-Report Automotive