PY – Payroll

SAP’s Payroll (PY) helps organizations manage their payroll. Multinational corporations with employees in various countries could have difficulties navigating the complex payroll requirements. As you can see below, this solution supports payroll in various countries.

SAP Module ID Module
PY-AR Argentina
PY-AT Austria
PY-AT-FP-PJ Payroll Journal
PY-AU Australia
PY-AU-FP-PJ Payroll Journal
PY-AU-PS Public Sector
PY-BE Belgium
PY-BR Brazil
PY-BR-FP-PJ Payroll Journal
PY-CA Canada
PY-CA-FP-PJ Payroll Journal
PY-CA-RP Reporting
PY-CH Switzerland
PY-CH-FP-PJ Payroll Journal
PY-CH-PS Public Sector
PY-CN China
PY-CN-FP Final Payroll Processing
PY-DE Germany
PY-DE-BA B2A: Business to Administration
PY-DE-CI Construction Industry
PY-DE-FP-PJ Payroll Journal
PY-DE-GR-PT Integration with Time Management
PY-DE-NT-NI Social Insurance
PY-DE-PS Public Sector
PY-DE-PS-VA Pension Administration
PY-DK Denmark
PY-ES Spain
PY-FI Finland
PY-FR France
PY-FR-FP-PJ Payroll Journal
PY-GB United Kingdom
PY-GB-FP-PJ Payroll Journal
PY-HK Hong Kong
PY-ID Indonesia
PY-IE Ireland
PY-IN India
PY-IT Italy
PY-JP Japan
PY-KR South Korea
PY-MX Mexico
PY-MX-PS Public Sector
PY-MX-RP Reporting
PY-MY Malaysia
PY-NL The Netherlands
PY-NL-RP Reporting
PY-NO Norway
PY-NO-PS Public Sector
PY-NPO Non Profit Organizations
PY-NZ New Zealand
PY-PH Philippines
PY-PT Portugal
PY-RU Russia
PY-RU-FP-PJ Payroll Journal
PY-SE Sweden
PY-SE-FP Subsequent Activities
PY-SE-PS Public sector (Sweden)
PY-SG Singapore
PY-SG-FP-PJ Payroll Journal
PY-SG-PS Public Sector
PY-TH Thailand
PY-TW Taiwan
PY-US-FP-TP Third Party Remittance
PY-US-GR-BI Benefit Integration
PY-US-IE Interface to External Payroll Systems
PY-US-RP Reporting
PY-US-RP-TR Tax Reporter
PY-VE Venezuela
PY-XX Payroll: General Parts
PY-XX-DT Data Transfer
PY-XX-FO Forms
PY-XX-GP Payroll for Global Employees
PY-XX-IE Interface to External Payroll Systems
PY-XX-OC Off-Cycle
PY-XX-RS Reuse Services for Country Development
PY-XX-TL Tools
PY-ZA South Africa