PP – Production Planning and Control

Production Planning (PP) is as its name implies, to plan production and execute production accordingly. This module can help organizations improve efficiencies around their production planning and execution processes. Real-time data can be used for quick analysis, especially with today’s volatile demands.

SAP Module ID Module
PP Production Planning and Control
PP-BD-CAP Computer Aided Process Planning
PP-BD-PRT Production Resources/Tools
PP-BD-RTG Routing
PP-BD-WKC Work Center
PP-CRP-ALY Capacity Evaluations
PP-CRP-LVL Capacity Leveling
PP-CRP-SCH Scheduling
PP-FLW Flow Manufacturing
PP-IS Information System
PP-MP Production Planning
PP-MP-DEM Demand Management
PP-MP-MFC Material Forecast
PP-MRP Material Requirements Planning
PP-MRP-BD Master Data
PP-PDC Plant Data Collection
PP-PI Production Planning for Process Industries
PP-PI-MD Basic Data
PP-PI-MD-MRC Master Recipe
PP-PI-MD-RSC Resources
PP-PI-MIR Material Identification and Reconciliation
PP-PI-PCM Production Campaign
PP-PI-PDO Process Data Documentation
PP-PI-PFS Process Flow Scheduler
PP-PI-PMA Process Management
PP-PI-PMA-CWD Campaign Weighing and Dispensing
PP-PI-PMA-MGT ABAP List-Based PI Sheet
PP-PI-PMA-MSG Process Message
PP-PI-PMA-RCP Control Recipe
PP-PI-POR Process Order
PP-REM Repetitive Manufacturing
PP-SFC Production Orders
PP-SFC-CPL Order Closing
PP-SFC-EXE-CON Confirmations
PP-SFC-PLN Order Planning
PP-SOP-BD Basic Data
PP-SOP-DRP Distribution Requirements Planning
PP-SOP-SP Sales Plan