LE – Logistics Execution

The Logistics Execution (LE) module helps support the organization’s overall logistics processes including but not limited to warehousing, shipping, and transportation.

SAP Module ID Module
LE Logistics Execution
LE-DSD Direct Store Delivery
LE-DSD-DC Handheld Connectivity
LE-DSD-DC-CN DSD Connector
LE-DSD-DC-DU Download/Upload
LE-DSD-ES Electonic Signature
LE-DSD-GS Generic Statistical Data
LE-DSD-LOC DSD Localization
LE-DSD-OC-VD Valuated Delivery Note
LE-DSD-RA-DE Tour Data Entry
LE-DSD-RA-SL Route Settlement
LE-DSD-RP Transportation Planning
LE-DSD-RP-LU Loading Units
LE-DSD-ST Tour Status
LE-DSD-SV Stock Visibility
LE-DSD-VC Visit Control
LE-DSD-VSO Vehicle Space Optimization
LE-DSD-VSO-MP Main Process
LE-IDW Decentralized WMS integration
LE-IEW Extended Warehouse Management Integration
LE-MOB Mobile data entry
LE-SHP Shipping
LE-SHP-DL Delivery Processing
LE-SHP-GF Basic Functions
LE-SHP-GF-ES Enterprise Services in Shipping
LE-SHP-PA Packing
LE-SHP-PI Picking
LE-TRA Transportation
LE-TRA-FC Freight Processing
LE-TRA-IN Interfaces
LE-TRA-TP Transportation Planning and Processing
LE-TRM Task & Resource Management
LE-WM Warehouse Management
LE-WM-CD Cross-Docking
LE-WM-DCC Dynamic Cycle Counting
LE-WM-DWM R/2-R/3 Link
LE-WM-GF Other Functions
LE-WM-VAS Value-Added Services
LE-YM Yard Management