IS – Industry Solutions

SAP’s Industry Solutions offers solutions tailored to each major industry.


SAP Module ID Module
IS Industry Solutions


(IS-A) – Industry Solution Automotive

IS-A Industry Solution Automotive
IS-A-EMM Enhancements to scheduling agreements MM (Outbound)
IS-A-ESD Enhancements SD
IS-A-ESP External Service Agent
IS-A-GR Goods Receipt Process
IS-A-HUM Handling Unit Management
IS-A-JIT Just-In-Time Processing
IS-A-JIT-DLC Delivery Confirmation
IS-A-MON Monitors for Automotive
IS-A-PPC Production Backflush
IS-A-RL Returnable Packaging Logistics
IS-A-S2L Production Supply
IS-A-SUS Supersession Chains
IS-A-SWP Supplier Workplace
IS-A-VMS Vehicle Management System
IS-A-XLO Extended Logistics

(IS-AD) – Aerospace & Defence Industry Solution

IS-AD Aerospace & Defence Industry Solution
IS-AD-ALC Add-ons for Actual Costs / Time Recording
IS-AD-BI Add-Ons for Billing
IS-AD-EV Add-Ons for Progress Analysis
IS-AD-GPD Pegging, Grouping, and Distribution
IS-AD-LBK R/3 Log Book
IS-AD-MEB Line Maintenance Planning (MEB Enhancements)
IS-AD-MPD Maintenance Program Definition
IS-AD-MPN Manufacturer Part Number
IS-AD-MPN-MD Master Data
IS-AD-PRM Preventive Maintenance
IS-AD-SPC Specification 2000
IS-AD-SPC-IN Invoicing
IS-AD-SPC-PR Provisioning
IS-AD-SSP Spare Part Sharing and Stock Providede by Customer
IS-AD-SUC Subcontracting
IS-AD-WTY Service Process Warranty

(IS-B) – Industry Solution for Banks

IS-B Bank Components
IS-B-BCA Bank Customer Accounts
IS-B-BCA-AM Account Management
IS-B-BCA-AM-IT Payment Item
IS-B-BCA-AM-PO Payment Order
IS-B-BCA-BF Basic Functions
IS-B-BCA-MD Master Data
IS-B-BCA-MD-BP Business partner
IS-B-BCA-MD-CD Condition
IS-B-BCA-MD-PR Product definition
IS-B-BCA-MPM Position Management
IS-B-BCA-PT-GLP G/L transfer
IS-B-BCA-PT-IC Interest/Charge Calculation
IS-B-DP Transaction Data Pool
IS-B-DP-EDT External Data Transfer
IS-B-PA-PA Profitability Analysis
IS-B-PA-STC Single Transaction Costing
IS-B-RA Risk Analysis
IS-B-RA-CL Default Risk and Limit System
IS-B-RA-MR Market Risk Analysis
IS-B-SA Strategy Analyzer
IS-B-SA-ALM Asset/Liability Management


(IS-DFS) – Industry Solution for Defense Forces and Public Security

IS-DFS-BIT Basis Technology R/3
IS-DFS-BIT-DIS Distributed System Landscape
IS-DFS-BIT-PG Role Generator
IS-DFS-LM Line Maintenance
IS-DFS-LM-STS Status Board
IS-DFS-MA Mobile Applications
IS-DFS-MA-HR Mobile Human Resources Management
IS-DFS-MA-MM Mobile Materials Management
IS-DFS-MM Materials Management
IS-DFS-MM-OF Implementation of Organizational Flexibility in Logistics
IS-DFS-OF Organizational Flexibility
IS-DFS-OF-FDP Structures Workbench
IS-DFS-OF-FOR Force Element
IS-DFS-OF-MPA Logistical Requirements
IS-DFS-OF-MPO Material Categories
IS-DFS-OF-PER Personnel Categories
IS-DFS-OF-REL Command and Support Relationships
IS-DFS-PDR Master Data Distribution
IS-DFS-PM Maintenance
IS-DFS-PM-DIS Distributed Maintenance
IS-DFS-PM-REL Transfer Technical Objects


(IS-HT) – Industry Solution for High Tech

IS-HT Industry Solution High Tech
IS-HT-DRM Distributor-Reseller-Management
IS-HT-MES Manufacturing Execution System
IS-HT-SW Software Management
IS-HT-SW-CM Contract Management
IS-HT-SW-IB Installed Base Management
IS-HT-SW-LIC Software License Management
IS-HT-SW-SMP Software Maintenance Processing

(IS-M) – SAP Media Industry Solution

IS-M SAP Media
IS-M-AM Advertising Management
IS-M-CA Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
IS-M-IS Information System
IS-M-MD Master Data
IS-M-MD-PR-MP Media Product


(IS-OIL) – Industry Solution for Oil

IS-OIL Industry Solution Oil
IS-OIL-DS Downstream
IS-OIL-DS-BDR Bulk Distribution Requirements Planning
IS-OIL-DS-EXG Exchanges
IS-OIL-DS-HPM Hydrocarbon Product Management
IS-OIL-DS-MAP Marketing, Accounting and Pricing
IS-OIL-DS-MCO Marketing, Contract and Order Entry
IS-OIL-DS-MRN Marketing Retail Network
IS-OIL-DS-SSR Service Station Retailing
IS-OIL-DS-TAS Interface to Terminal Automation System
IS-OIL-DS-TD Transportation and Distribution
IS-OIL-DS-TDP Tariffs, Duties and Permits
IS-OIL-DS-TPI Transportation Planning Interface
IS-OIL-DS-TSW Trader’s and Scheduler’s Workbench
IS-OIL-OLM Remote Logistics Management
IS-OIL-PRA Production and Revenue Accounting
IS-OIL-PRA-EIA-UG Upstream Graphics
IS-OIL-PRA-PRD Production
IS-OIL-PRA-REP-ROY Royalty Reporting
IS-OIL-PRA-REP-TAX Tax Reporting
IS-OIL-PRA-REV-CA Contractual Allocation
IS-OIL-PRA-REV-CP Contracts & Pricing
IS-OIL-PRA-REV-PC Product Control


(IS-CWM) – Industry Solution for Catch Weight Management

IS-CWM Industry Solution Catch Weight Management

(IS-EC) – Industry Solution for Engineering, Construction, & Operations

IS-EC-BOS Customer Bill of Services
IS-EC-CEM Construction Equipment Management


(IS-HMED) – Industry Solution forClinical Systems

IS-HMED Clinical System
IS-HMED-MR Medical Rounds
IS-HMED-MRO Medical Patient Data Organization (Patient Organizer)
IS-HMED-MR-VS Vital Signs
IS-HMED-PT Patient Transport Service
IS-HMED-RA Radiology
IS-HMED-SC Planning


(IS-H) – Industry Solution for Healthcare for Hospitals

IS-H SAP Healthcare – Industry-Specific Components for Hospitals
IS-H-ACM SAP Ambulatory Care Management
IS-H-BD Basic Data
IS-H-IS Information System
IS-H-PA Patient Accounting
IS-H-PM Patient Management


(IS-HER) – Industry Solution for Higher Education and Research

IS-HER-CM Campus Management
IS-HER-CM-AC Student Accounting
IS-HER-CM-AD Administration
IS-HER-CM-GB United Kingdom


(IS-MP) – Industry Solution for Mill Products Industry Solution

IS-MP Mill Products Industry Solution
IS-MP-CA Cross-Application Component (CA) Enhancements
IS-MP-LE Logistics Execution (LE) Enhancements
IS-MP-LO Logistics – General (LO) Enhancements
IS-MP-MM Materials Management (MM) enhancements
IS-MP-NF Non-Ferrous Metal enhancements
IS-MP-PP Production Planning and Control (PP) enhancements
IS-MP-SD Sales and Distribution (SD) enhancements


(IS-M) – Industry Solutions for Media

IS-M-PLM Product Lifecycle Management
IS-M-SD-MS Media Product Sales and Distribution
IS-M-SD-PS Periodical Sales and Distribution


(IS-PS) – Industry Solution for the Public Sector

IS-PS-CA Public Sector Contract Accounting

(IS-T) – Industry Solution for Telecommunications

IS-T Industry Solution – Telecommunications
IS-T-CA Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
IS-T-NM-PCT Portal Content

(IS-U) – Industry Solution for Utilities

IS-U SAP Utilities
IS-U-BF-PS Portioning and scheduling
IS-U-BF-RS Regional structure
IS-U-BI Contract Billing
IS-U-CA Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
IS-U-CS Customer Service
IS-U-CS-BT-IO Move-In/Out
IS-U-CS-CRM Integration: Customer Relationship Management
IS-U-CS-FO Front Office
IS-U-CS-MA Marketing
IS-U-DM Device Management
IS-U-DM-DI Device installation
IS-U-DM-MR Meter Reading
IS-U-EDM Energy Data Management
IS-U-IDE Intercompany Data Exchange
IS-U-IDX Enhanced Intercompany Data Exchange
IS-U-IN Invoicing
IS-U-IS-ST Statistics
IS-U-MD Master Data
IS-U-MD-POD Point of delivery
IS-U-TO-ARC Archiving
IS-U-TO-MI Migration
IS-U-WA Waste Management
IS-U-WA-PC Processing
IS-U-WM-MB Work Management Mobile Business
IS-U-WM-MD Master Data
IS-U-WM-PC Processing