FS – Financial Services

The Financial Services (FS) module consists of approximately 3700 transaction codes across different components including Claims Management, Real Estate, and Loans Management.

SAP Module ID Module
FS Financial Services
FS-BP Business Partner
FS-CD Collections/Disbursements
FS-CM Claims Management
FS-CML Loans Management
FS-CML-AC Accounting
FS-CML-AC-RPM Receivables/Payment Management
FS-CML-BD-MD Master Data
FS-CML-NB New business
FS-CML-PO Portfolio
FS-CML-PO-DI Outgoing Payments
FS-CMS Collateral Management System
FS-CMS-CAL Calculations
FS-CMS-IS Information System
FS-CMS-LIQ Liquidation
FS-CMS-MD Master Data
FS-CMS-MD-LR Land Register
FS-CMS-MD-MOV Movables
FS-CMS-MD-RBL Receivable
FS-CMS-MD-RE Real Estate
FS-CMS-MD-SEC Securities
FS-RBD Value Adjustment
FS-SR Regulatory reporting for insurance companies
FS-SR-CH Switzerland
FS-SR-DE Germany