FI – Financial Accounting

The Financial Accounting (FI) module is one of the most mature and commonly used modules in SAP. This module helps organizations ensure accurate financial postings/reporting that takes into consideration local, state, and federal regulations.

SAP Module ID Module
FI Financial Accounting
FI-AA Asset Accounting
FI-AA-AA Basic Functions
FI-AA-AA-TR-SL Line Item Settlement of AUC
FI-AA-AA-TR-TP Transfer Postings
FI-AA-IS Information System
FI-AA-SVA-HI Handling of Inflation
FI-AA-SVA-NT Net Worth Tax
FI-AF-DPC Down Payment Chains
FI-AP-AP Basic Functions
FI-AP-AP-PT Payment Transactions
FI-AR-AR Basic Functions
FI-AR-AR-DU Dunning
FI-AR-AR-PT Payment Transactions
FI-AR-CR Credit Management
FI-AR-IS Information System
FI-BL Bank Accounting
FI-BL-BM-CM Check Management
FI-BL-MD Master Data
FI-BL-MD-BK Bank Master Data
FI-BL-PT Payment Transactions
FI-BL-PT-AP Automatic Payments
FI-BL-PT-BS Bank Statement
FI-CA Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
FI-CA-BF Basic Functions
FI-CA-BF-BP Business Partner
FI-CA-BF-CA Contract Accounts
FI-CA-BI Billing in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
FI-CA-BT Business transactions
FI-CA-BT-CC Customer Contact
FI-CA-BT-IC Interest Calculation
FI-CA-BT-PY Payments
FI-CA-BT-SE Security Deposits
FI-CA-IN-CR SAP Credit Management
FI-CA-INV Invoicing in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
FI-CAX Generic Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
FI-FM Funds Management
FI-GL General Ledger Accounting
FI-GL-GL Basic Functions
FI-GL-GL-AAC Manual Accruals
FI-GL-GL-ACE Accrual Engine
FI-GL-GL-AP G/L Account Posting
FI-GL-GL-CL Closing Operations
FI-GL-GL-PL Planning
FI-GL-GL-SOA Provisions for Awards
FI-GL-IS Information System
FI-LA Lease Accounting
FI-LC-LC Basic Functions
FI-LOC Localization
FI-RL Retail Ledger
FI-SL-IS Information System
FI-SL-SL Basic Functions
FI-SL-VSR Validation, Substitution and Rules
FI-TV Travel Management
FI-TV-COS Travel Expenses
FI-TV-PL Travel Planning