DI – Dealer Portal

The Dealer Portal (DI) module is used by the automotive industry. The Dealer Portal allows representatives at the auto dealer to view the auto companies planned car production to see if a particular car make and model would be available within a specific time period. If it is not, the dealer could then place an order for that particular car configuration especially if there is customer demand for it.

The Dealer Portal is advantageous as it gives dealer’s a way to view when and where car models would be available and allows them to accurately provide customers with an ETA on when they can purchase a particular vehicle.

There are various advantages of using the Dealer Portal functionality.

  • It gives dealers the ability to view in real-time the available stock of the auto company’s inventory.
  • Helps reduce the overall stock of cars yet helps to keep sales up
  • The Dealer Portal helps the company view the demands of the dealership and to plan production accordingly
  • Dealers have the option of customizing their product configurations to fit the needs of the customer
SAP Module ID Module
DI-WI-DP Dealer Portal