BW – Business Warehouse

The Business Warehouse (BW) component requires transactions to be executing in not only the BW system but in the main ECC system as well.

SAP Module ID Module
BW SAP Business Information Warehouse
BW-BCT Business Content and Extractors
BW-BEX Business Explorer
BW-BEX-ET End User Technology
BW-BEX-OT OLAP Technology
BW-BEX-UDI Universal Data Integration
BW-EI-APD Analysis Process Designer
BW-EI-DM Data Mining
BW-PLA Planning
BW-PLA-BPS Business Planning and Simulation
BW-SYS-DB-DB2 BW DB2 for OS/390
BW-SYS-DB-MSS BW Microsoft SQL Server
BW-WHM Warehouse Management
BW-WHM-AWB Administrator Workbench
BW-WHM-DBA Data Basis
BW-WHM-DST Data Staging
BW-WHM-MTD Metadata (Repository)