AP – Application Platform

Below are the modules that reside in the Application Platform (AP). There are a variety of transactions that can be called under AP.

SAP Module ID Module
AP Application Platform
AP-CFG Product Configurator
AP-CFG-CBA cBASE / Configuration Store
AP-CFG-LL Low Level Configuration
AP-CME Classification System (New)
AP-LIM Logistics Inventory Management Engine
AP-MD-BF-SYN Master Data Synchronization
AP-MD-BF-TFW Templates
AP-MD-BP SAP Business Partner
AP-MD-BP-GRH Group Hierarchy
AP-MD-IBA Installed Base
AP-MD-IL Relationships Between Objects with GUID Identification
AP-MD-IL-XTN Generated Enhancements (Easy Enhancement Workbench)
AP-MD-PCA Payment Cards
AP-MD-PRO Central Part of Product Master
AP-MD-PRO-BF-ARC Archiving
AP-MD-PRO-CAT Hierarchies and Categories
AP-MD-PRO-TFW Templates
AP-PPE Integrated Product and Process Engineering
AP-PRC-CON Condition Technique
AP-PRC-FG Free goods
AP-PRC-PR Pricing
AP-PRC-PRS Product Substitution
AP-TTE Transaction Tax Engine