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CMPC2 – CondTab: Create (Campaign Determ.)

EAN4 – Create GTIN Mapping with Template

FTIM – Import Order Analysis

MBN2 – Free goods – Change (Purchasing)

MCVCHECK02 – SIS: Header STAFO Check

OBYF – Revenue Account Determination

OV05 – Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion A

OV3Z – Determine Prod. Allocation Hierarchy

OV82 – Acc. det.- credit cards: Displ. tab.

OVAD – Delivery Type Assignment

OVBA – Conditions: Views (Pricing)

OVCG – Mtn Action Box for Follow-Up Act.

OVF2 – C SD Table TVTA Business Areas

OVKD – Tax Record Conditions VK13

OVNL – C SD Table T685B

OVS5 – C SD Matchcodes Sales Personnel

OVT6 – View V_TVRL

OVXAN – Division -> Sales organization

OVZI – SD Cust: Assignment Req/Transaction

SCHED_ANALYZE_ACT – Activate Scheduling Analysis

S_ABV_91000203 – IMG Activity: BON_ENH_BADI_SETTLE

S_ALR_87005610 – IMG Activity: W_KO_0410

/BEV1/91000144 – ‘

/BEV1/EMS – Empties Evaluation

/BEV4/PLER – Manual Entry Confirmation

/CBAD/98000080 – (Not available)

/SAPSLL/36000162 – (Not available)

/SAPSLL/ALRGDA_DSPR3 – Display Pref. Agreement Determin.

/SAPSLL/PRPARC_DIRR3 – Initial Transfer: Vendor Material

CO06 – Backorder Processing

EN99 – General Foreign Trade Processing

J_3RSEXP – Maintain Secondary Event Numbers

MCSC – SIS: Display Evaluation

MY09 – C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.

OV-2 – View V_TVP2, Attribute 2

OV17 – Condition Table: Material Substit. C

OV5Z – Maintain Consumption Periods

OV93 – V_T681F: COPA project all. fields

OVAO – C SD View TVKO_AU "SlsOrgDoc.Types"

OVBM – Maintain dates

OVD0 – /nse38/Spec.Features EDL-LS-EDI

OVFJ – Determine payment guarantee proced.

OVKO – C RV Table TVAP_PR "Item Pricing

OVRC – C SD Variants for Orders on Hand

OVSH – C SD Table TVBO Rebate Groups

OVV3 – C SD Table TVFS Billing Block

OVXM – Sales office -> Sales area

PRPHUV – Print Profile Maintenance HU

SDV3 – Completed Contracts

S_AL0_19000067 – (Not available)