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BUKFBATCH – Key Figures – Batch Processing

F838 – Account Grp/Revenue Type Assignment

F870 – Posting a Parked Request

F8B8 – C FI Maintain Table TBKSR

F8Q7 – Post Standing Request

FM79 – Grouping Chars for Cover Pool

FM9U – FM: Checking Budget Consistency

FMAVCDERIAO – Derivation of control object (ACO)

FMBLBASIC – BL Account classification

FMBSBO – Change Budget Addresses

FMBUD007 – Export of Financial Results

FMCP_EF_CLOSE – Close Earmarked Funds for Contracts

FMDF – FM: Loc. Auth.: Display Fin. Result

FMEDNR – FM entry document number ranges

FMFA_0016 – FMFA: Tables

FMFG_CANCELED_AP_MM – Canceled Fund for Account Payable-MM

FMFG_E_SF224_TS – Treasury Subclasses

FMFG_RCN_DERIVE1 – Reconciliation: Derivation cust.

FMG1 – Create Budget Structure Template

FMIL – Delete Rules for Revs Incr. Budget

FMKFR01 – Display budget data

FMKO_RFFMKTZB – (Not available)

FMME10 – Funded Program Control: Search Help

FMME5 – Funded Program Control: Views

FMNG – CE: Actual Distr. and Integration

FMPOPDERIVE – Principle of Prudence – Customizing

FMRP_2FMB4002 – Assigned Funds

FMRP_RFFMEP2AX – PBOF – Commts/Actuals Line Items

FMSHERLOCK_ADD_D – Clarification WL: Add Documents

FMYC_CFCCOM – FM Closing Operations: Cmmt (CB)

FM_FDSUB_SET2 – Change Fund Substrings Group

F808 – Post Payment Request

F849 – Group Responsibility

F884 – Release Acceptance Request

F8O1 – Master Data Objects: Delete Data

FK22 – (Not available)

FM7U – Multiple Processing of Assgts to CE

FMABP_COR_AWORG – ABP cor. for follow on document


FMBO – (Not available)

FMBSDERIBOCPY – Copy strategy for deriving bud. addr

FMCCA – Def. of FM CC – Address based

FMCYDOC – Copy Budget Documents

FMDN – FM: Integration in Balance Hierarchy

FMEUF_CUST – Expenditure Certification Custom.

FMFGBUTYPE – Budget Type attributes

FMFG_E_CF – budget carry forward with subtypes

FMFG_IMPROP_REASONS – Reason code maintenance

FMFG_SF108_REV – SF1081/80 Reversal Confrmed Doc

FMGS – (Not available)