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PC00_M20_RPCTAXV0 – Norwegian tax table overview

PC00_M40_S80 – Batch program for Section80

PECM_CREATE_COMP_PRO – Create Compensation Process Records

HRASR00_WFC_DRAFT – Draft for Process Start

HRBEN0000 – Benefits Application Menu

HRBEN0077 – Changes in Benefits Elections


HRCMP0053 – Display Salary Survey Data

HRESSDE_AVST – (Not available)

HRFPM_FTE_CHK – Check of Staff Assignment Rules

HRPBCC – Create Position Plan

HRPBC_LOG_BPREP – Log for Running Planning Act.

HRRSM00PAR – External HR Master Data Parameters

OOBE – Budgeting Parameters

OOEE – Settings for Development Plans

OOHRPBC01 – Gen. Settings for Pay Scale Evaluatn

OONB – Actions for Business Event Assessmnt

OOT3 – Requirements

OO_MGE_MAN_PATH – Master Switch for Man. of Gl. Empl.

P01A_M01 – Payroll Germany

P1B1 – Transfer hiring data for applicant

PACN – Number range maint. for accounts

PBA0 – Evaluate advertisements

PBAY – Maintain T750X

PC00_M02_IPKLC0 – Evaluation List with BI Folder

PC00_M03_UDAFA0 – Create Direct. from Garn. Cluster AE

PC00_M05_LWPM – PW Monitor

PC00_M06_MP1600BI – MP1060BI

PC00_M08_CONV – SxP and OxP conversion

PC00_M13_LFND – (Not available)

PC00_M16_RPLERAW0 – Empl. Equity: Income Differentials

PC00_M23_LINS – Personal Data Act


PECM_START_BDG_BSP – Start Budgeting BSP

HRASRPROCESS_UTILITY – Admin Utility for Process Instances

HRBEN0041 – Jump from IMG into Maintenance Views

HRBEN00CEWB – Conc. Employment Benefits Workbench

HRCMP0005 – Approve Compensation Adjustments

HRCMP0065 – Stock Split

HRFBN0085 – Flexbile Costs/Contr for Misc. Plans

HRFPM_VACANCY_DISP – Create Personnel Cost Savings

HRPBC_BULIST – Position Analysis

HRPBC_RC_REQ – Compare Requirement/Commitment

OG03 – Generate calendar for cumulation

OOCM_AD – Compensation Administration Settings

OOFA – Switch for Business Event Locations

OOHRPPBC_ADT0 – Switch for Main/Sub-Group

OOPH – Set Up PA – PD Integration

OOVM – User-Specific Output Control