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FOV3 – Display Lease-Out

FOW2 – Real est. comm. application: Change

FOWB25 – (Not available)

F01Q – Debit position MC single reversal

FO1E – Owner Settlement

FO4C – Stand.settings rental agreemnt analy

FO66 – Overview cost collectors for SU

FO88 – Management contract debit position

FO96 – Change correction items

FOA3 – Calculate rent adjustment: CH

FOAR06 – REAR: Screen Sequences

FOAR46 – LO archiving index deletion

FOBC – Real estate: Delete transaction data

FOD2 – Copy Customizing for Related Applic.

FOFV – Real estate third-party mgmnt

FOI4 – RECN-BDT: Sections

FOJ0 – Contract: Application Menu

FOJSCS2 – Service charge keys

FOKE – Display Cost Element Planning Layout

FOLH – Bulk print.rnt incr.due const.chngs

FOMS1 – Maint.Rep.List of Rents (Basic Data)

FOP2 – Change Real Estate planning

FOQL – RE: Display FAR rent adj. log

FORL – RE: Rent adj. – Display CEA

FOSR – Replaced by transaction FVIESR

FOU2 – Maintain sales reports

FOUE – Simulate sales settlement

FOVF – Change Lease-Out Offer

FOWB04 – (Not available)

FO/H – Create groups except. real estate

FO23 – Display business entity

FO4N – Number range maint.: RE_INVOICE

FO6J – Maintain Real Estate Report Tree

FO8G – Display admin.contract event

FO9I – Call reporting tree VI04

FOAE – Simulate rent adjust.: Comp.apartmnt

FOAR11 – Management of application archives

FOAR81 – Managing business entity archives

FOBK01 – (Not available)

FOE6 – Run drilldown report

FOGRDI – Property: Direct Input

FOIF – RECN-BDT: Application Transactions

FOJC – RECN Cust: Resubmission Rules

FOJSCS8 – Maintain Settlement Categories

FOKS – RE: Displ.Plan.Primary Cost Elements

FOLU – Archive and Corresp.Parameters

FON7 – Reverse full acct settlement: OC

FOQ0 – Number Range Maintenance: VERGLWOHN

FOQX – RE: Display MOD rent adj. log

FORT – RE: Rent adj. – Activate area