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FO/G – Display exception real estate

FO22 – Change business entity

FO4M – Translation Tool – Drilldown Report

FO6I – Reporting tree VI11

FO8F – Change admin.contract event

FO9H – Call reporting tree VI03

FOAD – Display rent adjustment: Comp.apart.

FOAR103 – Mngt contract archiving prep.prog.

FOAR80 – Archiving business entities

FOBK – Copy real estate company codes

FOE5 – Number range maintenance: MIETEINH

FOGH – Transfer offer to commer.lease-out

FOIE – RECN-BDT: Field Modif. Criteria

FOJB – Display participation ID

FOJSCS7 – Properties of Service Charge Key

FOKR – RE: Change Plan.Prim.Cost Elements

FOLT – FVVI Maintain text ID’s

FON6 – Simulate full acct settlement: OC+HC

FOPF – List of reference flow types

FOQW – RE: Display active MOD rent adj.

FORS3 – RE: Generate Resubmission Dates

FOTI01 – RETI: Activities

FOUD – RE: Display act.sales-based rnt adj

FOVE – Create Lease-Out Offer

FOWB03 – (Not available)

FO12 – Field status: Management contract

FO35 – Create building

FO5R – Real Estate report layouts

FO7V – Standard analysis land register

FO8S – Create measurement doc.

FO9S – Real estate: Schedule select.version

FOAN – Activate rent adjustment: All methds

FOAR26 – REAR: Field Groups for Authorization

FOAU – Rep.rnt list rnt increase coll.print

FOBZ – Rent Adj. – Reminder Print ACO

FOEPA001 – Settlement unit actual line items

FOHBKID – Maintain House Bank Accounts

FOIQ – RE Contract: Periodic Postings

FOJL – RECN Cust: Periods of Notice

FOK1 – Notice of rental agreement


FOMASS – Number Range for Mass Changes

FOO7 – Cust.heat.costs data medium exchange

FOQA – RE: Calculate GAR rent adj.

FORA – RE: Rent adj. – Calc.expert opin.

FOSE – Account determination list

FOTI11 – RETI: GUI Functions – Additional

FOUQ – RE: Reverse IND rent adj.

FOVO – Print owner settlement

FOWB11 – (Not available)