Tag Archives: (PSM-GM-GTE-BU) – Budgeting and Availability Control

GM_CREATE_BUDGET – Create GM Budget Entry Document

GMAVCDIFF – GM AVC display discrepancies

S_ALN_01000827 – (Not available)

GMRBGENMD – Generate Master Data for GM RIB

S_PLN_16000281 – (Not available)

GM_CS_RULES – Configure Cost Sharing Rules


S_ALN_01000828 – (Not available)

GMRBIDXREC – Reconstruct Index for GM RIB

S_PLN_16000282 – (Not available)

GMAVCCUSTDEF – Check AVC Customizing (GM)

GM_DISPLAY_BUDGET – Display GM Budget Entry Document

GMAVCOVRW – Overview of GM AVC Values

S_ALN_01000830 – (Not available)

GMRBRULE – Edit Single Rule for RIB Object

S_PLN_16000283 – (Not available)

GMAVCDERIACTG – GM Derivation of Activity Groups

GM_E_4GBA – Overall Budget vs. Commitment/Actual

GMAVCREINIT – Re-Initialize AVC Ledger

S_ALN_01000831 – (Not available)

GM_BDGT_COPY_VERSION – Copy GM Document between Versions

S_PLN_16000284 – (Not available)

GMAVCDERIACTGR – Derivation of Activity Groups

GM_MODIFY_BUDGET – Modify GM Budget Entry Document

GMBDGTOVIEW – GM Budget Overview

S_ALN_01000832 – (Not available)

GM_BDGT_DOC_TYPE – Budget Document Types

S_PLN_16000357 – (Not available)

GMAVCDERIAO – GM Derivation control object (ACO)

GM_SPLIT_RULES – Configure Splitting Rules

GMBDGTOVIEWD – GM Budget Overview Direct

S_PLN_16000093 – (Not available)

GM_BDGT_RANGES – Number range maintenance: GRANT_BDGT

GMAVCDERIAOR – GM Derivation control object (ACO)

S_ALN_01000001 – Program GMTEST_SCREENS

GMBUNR – GM change document number ranges

S_PLN_16000094 – (Not available)

GM_BDGT_REASON_CODES – Plan/Budget Reason Codes

GMAVCDERICH – GM Derivation of check horizon

S_ALN_01000002 – Post indirect costs (defined by spon

GMEDNR – GM entry document number ranges

S_PLN_16000277 – (Not available)

GM_BDGT_RELEASE – GM Budgeting Release Process

GMAVCDERICHR – GM Derivation of check horizon

S_ALN_01000003 – Annual Budget Vs. Commit./Actual Lin

GMMPRBB – Increase Budget from Revenues

S_PLN_16000278 – (Not available)

GM_BDGT_TRANSFER_FM – Budget Transfer to Funds Management

GMAVCDERITPROF – GM Derivation of tolerance profile

S_ALN_01000825 – (Not available)