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F813 – Delete Collective Payment Request

FMAR_BE – Archive Budget Entry Documents

FMBTB – Transfer Budget Totals to FI-BL

FMFG_CANCELED_AP – Canceled Fund for Account Payable-FI

FMIR – Detail Maintenance of Open Int Rules

FMNSDN – Reconstruction of Sales Orders

FMYCR – HHM Object Assignment – Maintenance

F8B9 – C FI Maintain Tables TBKRL, TBKRLT

FMBLEXT – BL Accounts for Extensions

FMCR – Reassignment: Display Work List

FMFG_E_TRANS_REG – Transaction Register

FMJ_DISPLAY – Display FM Commt Carryforward Docs

FMSGDERIVE – Fund message: customizing

FMYC_DELWF – Reset Workflow (Earmarked Funds)

FM2BL_DERIVE1 – Derive FM totals transfer to FI

FMBPREVERSE_BCS – Cancel Retractor Run

FMFGAPCON – Acc. Property Main Settings

FMFG_SO_HISTORY – Sales Order History

FMMI – Mass Maintenance of Open Intervals

FMTFR – HHM Object Assignment – Maintenance

F814 – Reverse Collective Payment Request

FMAR_BH – Archive Budget Hierarchy Documents

FMBUDACT – Budget/Actuals allowed for BL

FMFG_CANCELED_AP_MM – Canceled Fund for Account Payable-MM

FMJ0 – Manual Zero Carryforward

FMOD – Override FM Update Date

FMYC_ASSIGN – Assign Derivation Strategy

F8BA – C FI Maintain Append to Table BNKA

FMBLEXT0 – Set account balance to zero

FMCT – Reassignment: Transfer

FMFG_E_YFITRG02 – Document Listing

FML1 – Create FI-SL Customizing Ledger

FMSGDERIVER – Fund message: customizing

FMYC_VA – Amount Adjustment of Document Chains

FM2BL_DERIVER – CO-PA Rule for FM transfer to BL

FMBPRRC – Change Derivation Strategy

FMFGAPCR – Accountable Property program

FMFG_SS_BATCH – Payment Statistical Sampling – Invoi

FMN0 – Subsequent Posting of FI Documents

FMTR – FM budgetary ledger trace

F815 – Display Collective Payment Request

FMAR_BT – Archive Budget Totals Records

FMCB – Reassignment: Document Selection

FMFG_CANCELED_AR – Canceled Fund for Acct Receivable-FI

FMJ2 – Year-End Closing: Carryfwd Cmmts

FMPOPDERIVE – Principle of Prudence – Customizing

FMYC_CFBCOM – Closing Operations: Cmmt Budget (CB)

F8BB – C FI Maintain Include to Table T012K

FMBLEXTR – CO-PA BL Account Rule for Extensions

FMDERIVATIONANALYSIS – Analysis Report on FM Derivations