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F811 – Create Collective Payment Request

FMARC_BATCH – Initial Archiving Run

FMBPRRS_BCS – Display Derivation Strategy

FMFG_ACC_CLOSEOUT – Closeout of the Residual Accounts

FMFG_TREASURY_CONFIR – Treasury Confirmation

FMN5N – Reconstruction of Earmarked Funds

FMYC03DERIVE – FM Object Assignment – Customizing

F8B7 – C FI Maintain Table TBKSP

FMBLCORR – Budgetary Ledger Correction

FMCP_EF_CLOSE – Close Earmarked Funds for Contracts

FMFG_E_CL2 – Preclosing rollup: fund rules

FMJ_ANZ – Carry Forward Down Payments

FMRESV_EF_CREATE – Create Earmarked funds for Mat. Res.

FMYC_CFRULES – Closing Commt: Assign Carryfwd Par.

FICD – Cash deconcentration

FMBPRET_BCS – Budget data transfer

FMF1 – Revenue Transfer

FMFG_RCN_DERIVE3 – Reconciliation: Derivation cust

FMMC – FM Obligation Closeout

FMTFDERIVE – FM Object Assignment – Customizing

F812 – Change Collective Payment Request

FMAR_AT – Archive Totals Records f. Cmmt/Act.

FMBPRRS_COMMON – Display Derivation Strategy

FMFG_AUTO_TC – Treasury Confirmation – Automated

FMFG_WAREHOUSE – Warehouse Report Transaction

FMNSD – Rebuild FM Open Item of SD Orders

FMYCDERIVE – FM Object Assignment – Customizing

F8B8 – C FI Maintain Table TBKSR

FMBLEXCLWASHOUT – BL Account classification

FMCP_EF_CREATE – Create Earmarked Funds for Contracts

FMFG_E_REL – Release Budget

FMJ_APP – Approval Step Cmmt Carryforward

FMRULES – FM Objects: Predefined Rules

FMYC_DEFAULT – FM Closing Operations: Default

FM2BL_DERIVE – Derive FM totals transfer to BL

FMBPREVERSE – Cancel Retractor Run

FMFGAPAAC – Acc. Property account assignment cat

FMFG_RFC_REGE – Regenerate IPAC file Using PMW

FMMDAUTO – FM: Auto. Creation of Master Data

FMTFDERIVER – G/L Acct Deriv. Rules – Maintenance

F813 – Delete Collective Payment Request

FMAR_BE – Archive Budget Entry Documents

FMBTB – Transfer Budget Totals to FI-BL

FMFG_CANCELED_AP – Canceled Fund for Account Payable-FI

FMIR – Detail Maintenance of Open Int Rules

FMNSDN – Reconstruction of Sales Orders

FMYCR – HHM Object Assignment – Maintenance

F8B9 – C FI Maintain Tables TBKRL, TBKRLT

FMBLEXT – BL Accounts for Extensions

FMCR – Reassignment: Display Work List