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COR8 – Coll.Conv.: Plnned Ord. to Proc.Ord.

COAD – Process Order: Delete Archiving

S_ALR_87099720 – (Not available)

COPI – Print Process Order ShopFloor Papers

CORA – Process Order: Schedule Ext. Relshps

COAL – Read Order Record from Archive

S_ALR_87099721 – (Not available)

COR1 – Create Process Order

CORK – Process Order Confirmations (Total)

COC0 – 0

S_ALR_87099722 – (Not available)

COR2 – Change Process Order

CORM – Mass Processing

COCR_NUM – Early Number Assignment for XStep

S_ALR_87099779 – (Not available)

COR3 – Display Process Order

CMC0 – 0

CORO – Create Process Order w/o Material

COCR_PROF – Assign Standard XStep Profile

S_PLN_06000201 – (Not available)

COR4 – Customizing Process Order RecTypePar

COA5 – Proc.Order: Archiving Prep. Program

CORR – Collective Entry of Confirmations

COID – Select Object Detail Lists in PP-PI

COR5 – Collective Process Order Release

COA6 – Process Order: Archiving

CORS – Cancel Process Order Confirmation

COIF – Production Memos

COR6 – Single Process Order Confirmation

COA7 – Process Order: Retrieval – Archive

CORT – Display Process Order Confirmation

COIK – Picking list

COR6N – Single Screen Entry of Confirmations

COA8 – Process Order: Archive Management

CORZ – Process Order: Time Event Confirmat.

COIO – Order Info System for PP-PI

COR7 – Convert Planned Order to Proc. Order

COAA – Simulate Order Record

COX1 – Create Order (Internally)

COPA – Archive Order Record

COR7_PC – Part.Conv.: Plnned Ord. to Proc.Ord.

COAC – Process Order: Archive Database

OPKQ – Customizing: Matchcode for Proc.Ord.

COPD – Print Process Order