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CMXSV – Standard XStep Repository

OPMCF – PDF Form: Plant Assignment

S_ALR_87007584 – IMG Activity: COCB310-12

S_P00_07000222 – (Not available)

CO67 – Worklist for Checking PI Sheets

S_ALR_87007474 – IMG Activity: COCB412

S_E36_82000101 – (Not available)

S_PLN_16000039 – IMG Activity: COOPC120

O20C – ProcMgmt: Copy Settings betw. Plants

S_ALR_87007545 – IMG Activity: COCB520

S_E36_82000122 – (Not available)

CMX_XS_ARC – XSteps: Generate Archive Files

S_ALN_01000966 – (Not available)

S_ALR_87007588 – IMG Activity: COCB310-13

S_P00_07000223 – (Not available)

COCB – Process Management

S_ALR_87007482 – IMG Activity: COCB412-1

S_E36_82000109 – (Not available)

O21C – PP-PI: Where-Used List for Charact.

S_ALR_87007550 – IMG Activity: COCB510

S_E36_82000123 – (Not available)

CMX_XS_ARCHIVE – Archiving XSteps

S_ALR_87007308 – IMG Activity: COCB420

S_ALR_87007592 – IMG Activity: COCB332

S_P00_07000299 – (Not available)

COOPC – OPC Test Environment

S_ALR_87007486 – IMG Activity: COCB437

S_E36_82000110 – (Not available)

CMX01 – XSteps: Application Registration

O23C – Client Copy of PP-PI Characteristics

S_ALR_87007553 – IMG Activity: COCB553

S_E36_82000124 – (Not available)

CMX_XS_DEL – XSteps: Start Delete Program

S_ALR_87007314 – IMG Activity: COCB440

S_ALR_87007596 – IMG Activity: COCB331

S_PLN_06000188 – (Not available)

COOPC1 – Define Settings for SAP ODA

S_ALR_87007492 – IMG Activity: COCB610

S_E36_82000111 – (Not available)

CMX02 – XSteps: Define BAdI Filter Values

O25C – Create Charac. with PP-PI Attributes

S_ALR_87007557 – IMG Activity: COCB552

S_E36_82000125 – (Not available)

CMX_XS_MANAGE – XSteps: Management

S_ALR_87007321 – IMG Activity: COCB433-54

S_ALR_87007599 – IMG Activity: COCB554

S_PLN_06000193 – (Not available)

COOPCI – Define OPC Items

S_ALR_87007501 – IMG Activity: COCB620

S_E36_82000112 – (Not available)