Tag Archives: (MM-SRV) – External Services

ME2S – Services per Purchase Order

ML44 – Display Vendor Conditions

MLV1 – Conditions: Services

OMH0 – Interface to Activity Allocation

AC05 – List Processing: Service Master

ML05 – Purchasing Object for Service

ML81N – Service Entry Sheet

MN13 – Create Message: Service Entry Sheet

S_AC0_52000630 – (Not available)

M/16 – Conditions: Var. Schema for Service

ML34 – Change Vendor Conditions

ML93 – Purchasing Object for Service

OM2R – Maint. partial invoicing plan types

ME3S – Service List for Contract

ML45 – Display Service Conditions

MLV2 – Create Total Price (PRS)

OMK8 – Services: Exclusion Indicator

AC06 – List Display: Service Master

ML10 – Create Model Service Specifications

ML82 – Display Service Entry Sheet

MN14 – Change Message: Service Entry Sheet

S_P99_41000180 – (Not available)

M/70 – Messages: Create CondTab.: Entry Sh.

ML35 – Display Vendor Conditions

ML94 – External Services Mgmt.: Direct Call

OM3R – Maintain Date IDs

MEDL – Price Change: Contract

ML46 – Change Service Conditions

MLV3 – Create Total Price (PRS)

OMQM – C MM-PUR Matchcode: Entry Sheet

AC08 – Send service

ML100 – Calculate Taxes at Service Level

ML83 – Message Processing: Service Entry

MN15 – Display Message: Service Entry Sheet

S_PR0_40000466 – (Not available)

M/71 – Messages: Change CondTab.: Entry Sh.

ML36 – Create Vendor Conditions

ML95 – List Display: Contracts for Service

OM4R – Maint. Date Cat. for Invoicing Plan

MEL0 – Service Entry Sheet

ML47 – Display Service Conditions

MLV4 – Create Total Price (PRS)

OMV1 – Service Category

AC10 – Class Hierarchy with Services

ML11 – Change Model Service Specifications

ML84 – List of Service Entry Sheets

MSRV1 – List for Service

M/72 – Messages: Disp. CondTab.: Entry Sh.

ML37 – Change Vendor Conditions

ML96 – Purchase Requisitions for Service