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J-20 – MDIS: Update Settings

J-C8 – IS-M/SD: Std.Sett.f.Carr.Route Anal

J/H2 – Change pricing report COA scale

JCS2 – IS-M: Change Condition

JD55 – IS-M: Create Issue Archiving

JF2A – IS-M: Reorg.Billg Index aft.Canc.

JFRJ – IS-M: Outgoing Invoice Journal

JG12 – IS-M/SD: Display Service Company

JG94 – IS-M: Change BP Deletion Flags

JGR3 – IS-M: Overview of Fwding Agents

JGZ44 – IS-M: Display Commission Recipient

JH72 – Status/char.attributes for com.SLine

JHAG – Cam.rdy cpy with past reminder date

JHCA – Archive

JHEF1 – Sales Volume Proof Media Partnership

JHGS – IS-M/AM: CSetBill. Reverse Dialog

JHN2 – IS-M: Change Condition Table (JK)

JHSP – IS-M: Collective Processing Log

JHWE – IS-M: Define No.Range Intervals

JI46 – Create Geo.Hierarchy Variant

JJ31 – Billing Archiving – Billing-Delete

JJBB – IS-M: Create/Change Date-Specific BU

JJCP_CONV_RB – Convert Responsibility

JJH0 – IS-M/AM: Product Hierarchy

JJP8 – IS-M: Update PUs

JJV002 – RJJGA002

JK13X – Display Retail Order

JK62 – Change xx offer – not used

JKK1 – Order management – central display

JKS4 – IS-PSD: Transacs affecting live subs

J-61 – IS-M: Create Selection Version MDIS

J-IX – IS-M/SD: Initialize Gen.LIS Data

J/LE – IS-M/SD: Create Pr.Report- Post.Chrg

JD20 – IS-M: Create Gen.Rule for Media Prod

JD77 – IS-M: Ad Pre-Print Overview

JFBF – IS-M: Billing Document Flow

JFTB – IS-M/SD: Call Up Collective Transfer

JG41 – IS-M/SD: Change Field Collector

JGAE – IS-M: Determine Jurisdiction Code

JGZ21 – IS-M: Change Sales Customer

JGZ91 – IS-M: Change Household

JH92 – Create conditions using template

JHAW_ADMIN – IS-M/AM: IAC Classified Ads Adminis.

JHD4 – Create Condition Records (JB)

JHF3 – IS-M/AM: Display Billing Document

JHKI – Reorganize condition indices JE

JHP1 – IS-M: Create Sales Agent Settlement

JHV1 – IS-M: Create Contract Requirements

JHWWWTEMP – Edit Order Data from the Internet

JII1 – Close/Open IVW Audit Period