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JKSDAREA02 – Quantity Planning: Segments

JKSDCRED4 – Mark CMRs w/o Reference to Document

JKSDORDER10 – IS-M: Contract/Media Product Item

JKSDUNSOLD04 – Process Request

JKSEORDER11 – Log Order Generation

JKVIAC_SUSPEND_OV – Overview of Suspended IAC Changes

JL1F – IS-M: Transfer EE HDel.Settlement

JL82 – Display Coll.Commission Sett Run- SC

JLM3 – IS-M: Serv.Settlement for Comm.

JN01 – IS-M: Create Research

JP25 – Change Media Product

JPMPMIG_PROT – Logs of Media Product Migration

JR24 – Copy Generation Triggers for Routes

JS08 – IS-M: Edit Truck Route Assignments

JS45 – Display Change Number

JSB4 – IS-M: Transfer City District Data

JUCC1 – Init. SAP BP Customizing

JV2SD03 – Synch. Drop-Offs for Purch. Qty Plan

JV73 – IS-M: Display ShDoc.Destinations

JVM6 – IS-M: Shipping Preparation

JVSD13 – Copy Insert Booking

JVSO12 – Full Import Assistant

JVU7 – IS-M: Shipping Overview

JWU8 – IS-M: Update Sales Promotions

JXVZ – IS-M: Consist.Check for Purch.Org.

JYG5 – Maintain number range: Logs

JYV9 – Maintain number range: ISP_BEABST

J-20 – MDIS: Update Settings

J-C8 – IS-M/SD: Std.Sett.f.Carr.Route Anal

J/H2 – Change pricing report COA scale

JCS2 – IS-M: Change Condition

JD55 – IS-M: Create Issue Archiving

JF2A – IS-M: Reorg.Billg Index aft.Canc.

JFRJ – IS-M: Outgoing Invoice Journal

JG12 – IS-M/SD: Display Service Company

JG94 – IS-M: Change BP Deletion Flags

JGR3 – IS-M: Overview of Fwding Agents

JGZ44 – IS-M: Display Commission Recipient

JH72 – Status/char.attributes for com.SLine

JHAG – Cam.rdy cpy with past reminder date

JHCA – Archive

JHEF1 – Sales Volume Proof Media Partnership

JHGS – IS-M/AM: CSetBill. Reverse Dialog

JHN2 – IS-M: Change Condition Table (JK)

JHSP – IS-M: Collective Processing Log

JHWE – IS-M: Define No.Range Intervals

JI46 – Create Geo.Hierarchy Variant

JJ31 – Billing Archiving – Billing-Delete

JJBB – IS-M: Create/Change Date-Specific BU

JJCP_CONV_RB – Convert Responsibility