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J&S1 – IS-M: Create Output w/Reference

J-AM – IS-M/SD: Carrier Route Anal.-Sel.

J/44 – Change cond.table for comm.settlemt

JC9D – IS-M: Condition Master Data

JD41 – IS-M: Collective Issue Display

JF02 – IS-M: Change Billing Document

JFM1 – Media Sales + Distribution – Billing

JG01 – IS-M: Create General Bus.Partner

JG60 – IS-M/SD: Display Sales Cust.(Cent.)

JGBDC3 – Bank Details Change: Read File

JGZ37 – IS-M: Change Researcher

JH62 – Item list according to date type

JHA3X – IS-M/AM: Display Order

JHBB – Cond.Maint.Via Index: Create JC

JHDH – IS-M: Execute Condition List JE

JHFS – IS-M/AM: Billing – Ind.Reversal

JHKX – Cond.maint.using index: Display JA

JHR1 – IS-M/AM: Create Final Settlement

JHW5 – IS-M: Create External Sales Volume

JI36 – IS-M: AR Revenue Accrual per Issue

JJ14 – Display Conditions

JJAM – (Not available)

JJCAMPAIGN_NOCRM – IS-M: Campaigns Without CRM Refernce

JJGB – Change Media Sales Agent

JJL3 – IS-M: Standard Access Analyze Pages

JJS2 – Display Bank Details Barring List

JK03X – Display Subscription Order

JK51 – Create retail offer

JKCOMPL3 – IS-M/SD: Display Customer Complaint

JKRNP – Display Amortization Log

JKSD14 – Mass Change to SD Orders

JKSDCOPYFORECAST – IS-M: Replicates Reference Issues

JKSDMPMASTER01 – Master-Slave Products

JKSDSETWERKSISSUE – Plant Assigned to Issue and Contract

JKSECONTRACT03 – Adjust Pricing for Billing Plan

JKU8 – Incomplete order items

JKX3 – IS-M: Reload Order Archive

JL74 – IS-M: Coll.Run for HDel.Sett EE

JLL3 – Display Pricing Report

JLW8 – IS-M: Change Cond.Table-EAD HDel.

JP02 – Change Title Master

JPMG6 – Create Issues in Several Issue Seqs

JR12 – IS-M/SD: Change Daily Truck Route

JRPRESHIP – IS-M: Log. Del. Type for Preshipping

JS34 – IS-M: Edit Unloading Point Seq.

JSAD – Org.Structure for Addresses

JUC37 – BP Conversion Grouping TJG37 TB001

JV23 – IS-M: Display Cont.Packing Rule

JV63 – IS-M: Copy Trigger Interval

JVC1 – Number Range Maintenance: ISP_GP_ERS