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J-AA – IS-M/SD: Plant/Ctry Anal. -Selection

J-L1 – IS-M: LIS Billing Simulation Update

JBW_AM_COA_2 – IS-M: Unload Contracts from BW

JD37 – IS-M: Create Issue

JDMPS0 – IS-M: Edit Media Product Master Data

JFFB – Doc.According to Billing Cond.Types

JFUV – Transfer Issue to Financial Accounts

JG56 – IS-M/SD: Change Postal Data

JGBA – IS-M: Transfer Bank Data

JGZ33 – IS-M: Create Carrier

JH56 – General Ad Type Admissibility(Displ)

JHA2N – IS-M/AM: Change Order

JHB6 – IS-M: Display BU Hierarchy

JHDD – IS-M: Execute Condition List JC

JHFK – IS-M: Cntrct Settlement Billing Doc.

JHKS2 – Cond.Maint.Using Index: Create JD

JHPR – IS-M/AM: Individual Release (Dialog)

JHW2 – IS-M: Change Contract

JI32 – IS-M: AR Monthly Revenue Accrual

JJ/C – IS-M: Billing Print Parameters

JJA2 – IS-M/AM: Change Contact Person

JJBY – IS-M: Gen. Work Area for BU Hier.

JJG6 – Display barred telephone list

JJK3 – Dynam.Cond.Maint.in Pric.for Commis.

JJPRDH_UK – IS-M/AM: Update Link Table

JK01X – Create Subscription Order

JK42X – Change Subscription Offer

JKCOMPL1_FM – IS-M/SD: Create Complaint (Func.Mod)

JKRGL_BUILD_AMODATA – Data Transfer for Going Live

JKSD11 – Refresh Planning from BP Calendar

J-05 – MDIS: Overview of Field Catalogs

J-C7 – IS-M/SD: AR Category Statistics

J/H1 – Create pricing report COA scale

JCS1 – IS-M: Create Condition w/Reference

JD52 – IS-M: Display Edition Gen.Triggers

JF12 – IS-M: Reverse Coll. Billing Run

JFREVENUECOCKPIT – Revenue Accrual Cockpit

JG11 – IS-M/SD: Change Service Company

JG93 – IS-M: Block Roles – Display

JGR2 – IS-M: Service Company Employees

JGZ43 – IS-M: Change Commission Recipient

JH70 – Status/Char.Attributes for AI SLine

JHAF – IS-M: Todo List for Technical System

JHC2 – Maintain positioning factor

JHED – Account Determination: Display Table

JHGR – IS-M/AM: Individual Release (Dialog)

JHN1 – IS-M: Create Condition Table (JK)

JHSA – Evaluate Collective Processing Run

JHWD – IS-M: Maintain Media-Mix Packages

JI45 – Display PCode-Eval.Area Assignment