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ND12 – IS-H: Borrow requested med. record

NP22 – IS-H: Maintain newborn admission

NP58 – IS-H: Display case classific. per OU

NR25 – Create Planning Object

NV09 – IS-H: Display emergency inpat. adm.

NV60 – IS-H: Outpatient newborn admission

ONB2 – IS-H: Terminal def. HC smart card

S_KK4_96000333 – IS-H: Pick List

S_KK4_96000609 – IMG Activity: ISH_NWPLACE_DTM

S_KK4_98000112 – (Not available)

N1CUSTIDS – IS-H*MED: Customer-Spec. Class Types

NM02 – 0

NP33 – IS-H: Display person assignment

NP97 – IS-H: Create discharge

NRMA – IS-H: Outpatient dept. mgmt. inquiry

NV2004 – IS-H: Clinical Process Builder

ON21 – IS-H: Sex

ONVB – ISH: View maint. classification cat.

S_KK4_96000434 – (Not available)

S_KK4_96000656 – IMG Activity: ISH_NV2000_PAI_COMPL

S_PNI_96000001 – IS-H: Evaluation Report for Assigned

ND02 – IS-H: Maintain record/document list

NP05 – IS-H: Display risk factors

NP46 – IS-H: Treatment certificate evaluat.

NR13 – IS-H: Occupancy Overview

NT32 – IS-H: Maintain Service Group

NV41 – IS-H: Create outpatient admission

ON41 – IS-H: Case types

S_ANI_98000253 – (Not available)

S_KK4_96000541 – IMG Activity: ISH_EXTPATID

S_KK4_98000038 – (Not available)

ND13 – IS-H: Collect.Entry for Borrowed Rec

NP23 – IS-H: Display newborn admission

NP61 – IS-H: Maintain Diagn. Doc. by Case

NR26 – IS-H: Collective Print of Appts

NV10 – IS-H: Inpatient companion admission

NWCHIVT – Maint. View for Object Types Table

ONB8 – IS-H: Movement reasons

S_KK4_96000415 – IS-H: Key Figures for Diagnoses and

S_KK4_96000610 – IMG Activity: ISH_PREREG_CONTEXT

S_KK4_98000162 – (Not available)

N1DEFVT – Prereg.Type Definition – Master Data

NM03 – (Not available)

NP36 – IS-H: Create surgery (case)

NP98 – IS-H: Change discharge

NRMP – IS-H: Med.Nur.Evaluations Rep.Contr.

NV2005 – IS-H: Clinical Process Builder

ON25 – IS-H: Name elements for search

ONVC – ISH: View maint. classification type

S_KK4_96000435 – (Not available)