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NB52 – IS-H: Set up OU identifiers

NG15 – IS-H: Display Bus. Partner Employer

NTRB – Transport Building Units

ON77 – IS-H: Work org.: Form windows, elem.

NB26 – IS-H: Display Interd. B.Assgmt. OU

NCW3 – IS-H: EDI Workbench

NM44 – IS-H: Communication Menu

ON09 – ISH: User

NB37 – IS-H: Maintain pl. charac. bld. unit

NG05 – IS-H: Change Bus. Partner Employee

NRBL – IS-H: Report Ctrl. Service Master

ON63 – IS-H: General Parameter Maintenance

NB53 – IS-H: Release Org. Structure

NG16 – IS-H: Create Bus. Partner Hospital

NTRL – Transport Service Master

ON78 – IS-H: Input/output device assignment

NB27 – IS-H: Maintain Statistical Beds

NDYM – IS-H: Screen Modification

NMND – IS-H: Reset Client

ON10 – ISH: User Profiles

NB38 – IS-H: Display Pl.Charac. Bld. Unit

NG06 – IS-H: Display Bus. Partner Employee

NRBS – IS-H: Report Ctrl. Hospital Struc.

ON64 – IS-H: Blocking Reason Build. Unit

NBU1 – IS-H: Maint. Fixed Vals User Master

NG17 – IS-H: Change Bus. Partner Hospital

NTRO – Transport Organizational Units

ON79 – IS-H: Assign Work Organ. to Printer

NB28 – IS-H: Display Statistical Beds

NEDI – EDI Workbench

NMO1 – 0

ON49 – IS-H: Birth Procedures

NB39 – IS-H: Maintain Equipment Bld. Unit

NG07 – IS-H: Create B.Partner Ins. Provider

NRC3 – IS-H Report ctrl data exchange

ON68 – IS-H: Hierarchy Bld.Cat. – Org. Cat.

NC10 – IS-H Create Message Type Copy

NG18 – IS-H: Display Bus. Partner Hospital

NWCVLICENCE – IS-H: License Mgmt Country Version

ON7A – IS-H: Work org.: With bill.t./IPType

NB29 – IS-H: Collective Entry Build. Unit

NEDIIN – IS-H EDI Inbound Worklist

NMO2 – 0

ON50 – IS-H: Organizational Categories

NB40 – IS-H: Display Equipment Bld. Unit

NG08 – IS-H: Change B.Partner Ins. Provider

NRCQ – IS-H: Report control monitoring

ON70 – IS-H: Work org. type: ID codes/texts

NA33 – IS-H: Cascade Bill Processing

NC11 – IS-HCM Change Message Type