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S_KK4_96000076 – IS-H: Case/Service Evaluation for

S_KK4_96000118 – IS-H: Billing: Case Selection

S_KK4_96000152 – IS-HCO: Create Orders

S_KK4_96000195 – IS-HCM: Generate all S* Messages

S_KK4_96000227 – IS-HCM NC02 SAP-HCM Mssge Fieldwise

S_KK4_96000259 – IS-H: List all Setting for Work Org

S_KK4_96000471 – IMG Activity: BADI: ISH_FILL_RNF06

S_KK4_96000503 – IMG Activity: BADI: ISH_FILL_RNF61

NB45 – IS-H: Maintain Plan. Chars Single BU

NG13 – IS-H: Create Bus. Partner Employer

NT10 – ISH: View Maint. Charge Catalog Asgm

ON75 – IS-H: Work Organizer Ctrl w/o Condit

ONCEDI1 – IS-H EDI Institution Agreements

ONCU – IS-HCM: EDI – Exclude Msg to InsProv

ONN8 – IS-H: Number Ranges Billing

S_KK4_74000011 – IMG Activity: ISHCH_AUFTCD_EXTAUF

S_KK4_74000043 – IMG Activity: IMG_CFMENUNMA3ONO2

S_KK4_74000076 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUNMOJON86

S_KK4_74000108 – IMG Activity: ISH_NL_PA_SCHEINE02

S_KK4_74000140 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUNMO4SM36

S_KK4_74000172 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUNMO4ON70

S_KK4_74000204 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUNMO4ONC8

S_KK4_74000236 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON04

S_KK4_74000268 – IMG Activity: ISH_TN14O

S_KK4_74000300 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUNMO1ON50

S_KK4_74000332 – IMG Activity: ISH_INPUT_DIAKAT

S_KK4_74000364 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUNMO3ONAA

S_KK4_74000398 – IMG Activity: ISH_KONFIGURATION

S_KK4_74000431 – IMG Activity: ISH_HCM_CCPS_DO_CUST

S_KK4_96000012 – IS-H: Set "Single/Cllct Invoice" for

S_KK4_96000044 – IS-H: Outpatient Visits

S_KK4_96000055 – IS-H: Evaluation Report for Assigned

S_KK4_96000096 – IS-H: Monitor Insurance Verification

S_KK4_96000129 – IS-H: Case-Related Invoice Overview

S_KK4_96000164 – IS-H: BPflV 1995 L 5- Surg. Stats

S_KK4_96000206 – IS-HCM List Parameter System Setting

S_KK4_96000238 – IS-H EDI: Create Message File

S_KK4_96000275 – IS-H: Trans. Data to Create Hospital

S_KK4_96000482 – IMG Activity: BADI: ISH_FILL_RNF17

S_KK4_96000590 – IMG Activity: ISH_MM_MEDCAT

NB24 – IS-H: Display Org. Unit Hierarchy

NC301KK – Create

NKRS – IS-H: Number Ranges

ON05 – IS-H: Control Client

ONB6 – IS-H: SAP user exits


ONG5 – IS-H: Assign Events to EDI Proced.

ONRL – ISH: Maintenance Statistics for NLSU

S_KK4_74000022 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUNMOEOVV3

S_KK4_74000054 – IMG Activity: SIMG_ISHCH_HONBER