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F9Z1 – Changing Default Values

F9CCHGRCV – Recipient in A-Sentence

F9MY – S Table: Transaction Maintenance

S_PLN_62000172 – (Not available)

F9IE – Create Payment Item Former Account

F9PINDE4 – Application Log for Incoming PT

F9KY – Close Account

S_AEN_10000109 – (Not available)

F9CTRNSTYP – Maintain Transaction Types

F9MZ – S Table: Buttons to Hide Maintenance

F9IJ – Edit Payment Item

F9PINDE5 – EFT File Overview of Incoming PT

F9M01 – S Table: Field Status Maintenance

S_AEN_10000872 – (Not available)

F9CTXTKEY – BCA: Maintain Text Key

F9NA – S Table: Funct. Variant Maintenance

F9IL – Create Planned Item

F9SI – PAIT Control: Field Groups

F9M02 – Table: Function Variant Maintenance

S_ALN_01000772 – (Not available)

F9C{ – Authorization Types Payment Items

F9NC – Processes in BCA

F9IM – Delete Planned Item

F9SN – PAIT Control: Scrn.Fld. <-> DB Field

F9M03 – Assign Function Variants

S_ALN_01000773 – (Not available)

F9I1 – Create Payment Order – External

F9ND – Assgmt Processes -> GL Processes

F9IN – Display Planned Items

F9SQ – PAIT Control: Table <-> Fun.Mod.

F9M04 – Field Groups per Object

S_ALN_01000774 – (Not available)

F9I2 – Create Payment Order – Internal

F9PEXDE1 – Create EFT

F9IO – Post Planned item

F9TA – Archiving Payment Items

F9M05 – Field Status per Activity

S_ALN_01001166 – (Not available)

F9I3 – Display Payment Order

F9PEXDE4 – Application Log of Outgoing PT

F9IP – Planned items

F9TB – Deleting Payment Items

F9M06 – Field Status per Document Type

S_ALN_01001167 – (Not available)

F9I4 – Create Payment Item

F9PEXDE5 – EFT File Overview of Incoming PT

F9ITAUTH – BCA: Amount Authorization for Item

F9TC – Reloading Payment Items

F9MPAYM – External Payment Transactions