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RL06L – RP Accounts by RP Matl and Location

RL72D – Delete Last Statement per Account

S_KA5_12000519 – (Not available)

ORLNS – Number Range Maintenance: VHU_PSHPA

RL17D – Account Postings for Ref. Document

S_E3D_90000003 – (Not available)

ORLRS6 – Output Types for RP Account Statemts

RL52 – Returnable packaging acct matching

S_KA5_12000491 – (Not available)

RL06M – RP Accounts by Material

RL73 – Display Statement Log

ORLNT – Number Range Maintenance: VHU_ACST

RL17L – RP Account Postings by Location

S_KA5_12000287 – Number Ranges for RP Accounts

ORLRS7 – Assign Output to Partner Roles

RL53 – ReturnPack acct matching (display)

S_KA5_12000492 – (Not available)

RL06R – RP Accounts by Relationship

RL73D – Delete Statement Logs

ORLNV – Number Range Maintenance: VHU_ACPO

RL17M – RP Account Postings by Material

S_KA5_12000288 – Number Ranges for Account Statements

ORLRS8 – Output Procedure for RP Acct Statemt

RL61 – Create Account Statement

S_KA5_12000495 – (Not available)

RL06X – RP Accounts by Locn and Exchge Part.

RL73I – Display Internet Matching Logs

ORLPT – Maintain account posting types

RL17P – All RP account postings

S_KA5_12000289 – Number Ranges for Account Postings

RL00 – Returnable packaging accounts

RL62 – Change account statement

S_KA5_12000496 – (Not available)

RL07 – Purchase Order for Ret. Packaging

RL74 – Archive Transmissions

ORLPTA – Assign Account Posting Types

RL17X – Account postings by exchange partner

S_KA5_12000290 – No. Ranges for Partner Relationships

RL01 – Create returnable packaging account

RL63 – Display account statement

S_KA5_12000497 – (Not available)

RL11 – RP Account Posting Entry

RL75 – Read Transmissions from Archive

ORLRP – Residence Times for Archiving

RL24 – Matching via statements

S_KA5_12000291 – No. Ranges f. Rel. f. RP Accounts

RL02 – Change returnable packaging account

RL64 – Archive Accounts Statements

S_KA5_12000498 – (Not available)

ORLNA – Number Range Maintenance: VHU_ACCT