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/FSIH/REPL – Compare Pymnt Plans for Ins. Policy

FN32 – Display policy interested party

FN8X – Business Operations: Workplace

FN-6 – Number range maintenance: FVVD_RPNR

FN45 – Other loan interested prty in cntrct

FNAA – Reactivation of Deleted Mort. Offer

FN1V – Create other loan contract

FN83 – (Not available)

FNARCADMIN – Archiving Administration

EMU1 – Convert Loans to EURO

FN33 – Delete policy interested party

FNA0 – Policy application in contract

FN09 – Create Borrower’s Note Order

FN4A – Wthdrw/Reduce Other Loan Application

FNAB – Reactivation of Deleted Mort.Applic.

FN20 – Create borrower’s note offer

FN84 – Change waiver

FNARCANALYZE – Check Whether Docs Can Be Archived

EMU2 – Reset Conversion to EURO

FN34 – Policy interested party in applic.

FNA1 – Create Mortgage Offer

FN11 – Change borrower’s note order

FN4V – Withdraw/Reduce Other Loan Contract

FNAC – Reactivate deleted mortgage contract

FN21 – Change borrower’s note offer

FN85 – Display Waiver

FNARCEXCL – Set /Delete Archiving Lock

FD-1 – Number range maintenance: FVVD_RANL

FN35 – Policy interested party in contract

FNA2 – Change Mortgage Offer

FN12 – Display borrower’s note order

FN5A – Other loan application in contract

FNAD – Reactivation of Deleted Policy Offer

FN22 – Display borrower’s note offer

FN86 – (Not available)

FDCU – Loans customizing menu

FN3A – Display other loan application

FNA3 – Display Mortgage Loan Offer

FN13 – Delete borrower’s note order

FN5V – Payoff other loan contract

FNAE – Reactivation of Deleted Policy Appl.

/FSIH/10000977 – (Not available)

FN23 – Delete borrower’s note offer

FN87 – Change Write-Off Debit Position

FDOO – Borrower’s notes order overview

FN3V – Display other loan contract

FNA4 – Mortgage Offer Withdrawal

FN15 – Create borrower’s note contract

FN61 – Create collateral value

FNAG – Reactvtn of Deleted Other Loan Offer