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FDCU – Loans customizing menu

FN3A – Display other loan application

FNA3 – Display Mortgage Loan Offer

FN13 – Delete borrower’s note order

FN5V – Payoff other loan contract

FNAE – Reactivation of Deleted Policy Appl.

/FSIH/10000977 – (Not available)

FN23 – Delete borrower’s note offer

FN87 – Change Write-Off Debit Position

FDOO – Borrower’s notes order overview

FN3V – Display other loan contract

FNA4 – Mortgage Offer Withdrawal

FN15 – Create borrower’s note contract

FN61 – Create collateral value

FNAG – Reactvtn of Deleted Other Loan Offer

/FSIH/10000978 – (Not available)

FN24 – Activate borrower’s note offer

FN88 – Display Write-Off Debit Position

FMN8 – Simulation Lists Debit Position

FN40 – Create other loan interested party

FNA5 – Mortgage Offer in Contract

FN16 – Change borrower’s note contract

FN62 – Change collateral value

FNAH – Reactivate del. other loan int.party

/FSIH/10000979 – (Not available)

FN2A – Change other loan application

FN8A – Manual Entry: Unscheduled Repayment

FMN9 – Posted Debit Position List

FN41 – Change other loan interested party

FNA6 – Create Policy Offer

FN17 – Display borrower’s note contract

FN63 – Display collateral value

FNAI – Reactivate deleted other loan cntrct

/FSIH/10000980 – (Not available)

FN2V – Change other loan contract

FN8B – Manual Entry: Other Bus. Operations

FN-1 – No.range: FVVD_RANL (Loan number)

FN42 – Display other loan interested party

FNA7 – Change Policy Offer

FN18 – Payoff borrower’s note contract

FN80 – Enter manual debit position

FNAK – Select File Number

/FSIH/CNCL – Give Notice on Expired Ins. Policies

FN30 – Create policy interested party

FN8C – Enter Single Postings

FN-4 – Number range maintenance: FVVD_PNNR

FN43 – Delete other loan interested party

FNA8 – Display Policy Offer

FN19 – Wthdrw/Red. Borrower’s Note Contract

FN81 – Change manual debit position