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S_SE3_62000043 – Shows Changes to Watchdog Setting

UCS01 – Task Categories

UCF01 – Applications

UC_AREA_GENERATE – Generate Objects for Cons Area

UCH01 – Integr.of References in Cust. Tables

S_SE4_70000002 – Administration: Selective Deletion

UCSSG0 – Generate Selection Screen

UCF02 – Method Categories

UC_AREA_GEN_LIST – Display Gen. Objects for Cons Area

UCH02 – List Customizing Settings

S_XS4_18000001 – (Not available)

UCSTC – Correct Task Status

UCF03 – List of Method Settings/Cons

UC_DISPLAY_HIERARCHY – Display Hierarchies with Attributes

UCL21 – Log Types

UC00 – SEM-BCS: Configuration Menu

UCSTI – Information for Status Management

UCF04 – List of Method Settings/Plan

UC_MAINTAIN_UCM0000 – Mapping Info Object <-> Field Name

UCM01 – Data Basis: Change RFC Destination

UCCC0 – SAP Cons: Customizing Comparison

UCWB – Consolidation Workbench

UCF05 – Flexible Upload: Method Categories

UC_STAT0 – SEM-BCS: Performance Statistics

UCMON – Consolidation Monitor

UCCC1 – SAP Cons: Display Cust.Comparison

UCWB01 – SAP Cons: Data Basis

UCF06 – Currency Translation Keys

UC_WATCHDOG_PROTOCOL – List of Transaction Data Log

UCMP0 – Set Cons Area in Perm. Parameters

UCCP0 – Copy Cons Area

UCWB02 – SAP Cons: Consolidation Area

UCF07 – Currency Translation Timeframes

UG_MD_LIST_HRY_SID – Hierarchy: Display SID

UCMP2 – Change Cons Area for Multiple Users

UCD01 – Custom Data Types

UCWB_FLD – Master Data Maintenance

UCF08 – Currency Translation Procedure

UCMP3 – Change Perm.Paras for Multiple Users

UCD02 – List of All Generated Models

UCWB_INT – Master data maintenance

UCF09 – Exchange Rate Periods Used

UCNUM1 – Maintain Number Range Intervals

UCDL0 – Delete Cons Area-dependent Settings

UCWD_INT – Start Monitor from WebDynpro

UCF10 – Procedure for E/R Determination

UCPP – Change Permanent Parameters

UCDMODELTYPE – Display Data Types of Model

UCWD_INT2 – Start Monitor from WebDynpro

UCF6ANSEQ – Sort Activities