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CASH – Branch to Cash Management

FW52 – Customizing valuation classes

FW-7 – Number Range Maintenance: FVVW_PODOC

FWAA – Execute Amortization

FW24A – Display Sec.Acct Position Indicators

FWER – Exercise Security Rights

CCR – Customizing Check Report

FW53 – Customizing valuation in CoCd

FW-8 – Number range maintenance: FVVW_KOBJ

FWAB – Securities accruals/deferrals

FW26 – Change sec.acct

FWER_DRAWING – Drawable Bonds: Mass Processing

CCR_EMERGENCY – Customizing Check for Old Op. VA

FW54 – Customizing ref.prod.type/repmnt typ

FW17 – Maintain security price

FWACR – Reverse Amortization

FW43 – Customizing Currency Swap Accounts

FWER_STORNO_NEU – Reversal Rights

FDTT – Treasury Data Medium Administration

FW55 – Customizing: Ref.prod.type/sec.class

FW18 – Display security price

FWAR – Securities accr/defer. reset

FW44 – Customizing portfolio items

FWID – (Not available)

FINA – Branch to Financial Accounting

FW59 – Customizing secondary index

FW20 – Create sec.acct

FWAS – Reverse accrual/deferral

FW45 – Customizing lock flags

FWIW – Securities information

FW – FW.. reserved for VV-Securities

FW60 – Customizing sec.class relation.types

FW21 – Display securities account

FWBJ – Posting journal

FW46 – Customizing holding share

FWK0 – Edit corporate action

FW-1 – Number Range Maintenance: FVVW_ANLA

FW61 – Customizing valuation principles

FW22 – Create CoCd Position Indicators

FWBK – Balance sheet transfer

FW47 – Customizing tax rates

FW-2 – Number Range Maintenance: FVVW_BEKI

FW62 – Customizing valuation principles

FW22A – Create Sec. Acct Position Indicators

FWBS – Manual Posting

FW48 – Customizing dealers

FW-3 – Number range maint.: FVVW_ORDER

FW63 – Customizing rate type

FW23 – Change CoCd Position Indicators

FWCP – Calculate Position