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FW18 – Display security price

FWAR – Securities accr/defer. reset

FWOF – Change transaction

J1BTRMSTAX – Swap Tax Calulation

S_ALR_87003818 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFW49

S_ALR_87004152 – IMG Activity: RENTENFONDS_ZUORD

S_ALR_87007333 – IMG Activity: AUTOERMITTLUNG_DE

S_ALR_87007434 – IMG Activity: TRMP

S_ALR_87007824 – IMG Activity: ABL_VERF_FX

S_ALR_87007875 – IMG Activity: PRODUKTARTEN_FX

S_ALR_87007938 – IMG Activity: TR_IMG_PRQ_VZA

S_ALR_87014407 – Treasury:Journal of Financial Trans.


S_ALR_87015259 – Treasury:Journal of Financial Trans.


TB18 – Hedged underlyings

TBCM – Maintenance View Unit Types

TBR8 – Treasury: Display reference

THM10 – Exposure Expiration

THM_COCO_SETTING2 – Comp.-code settings for hedge mgmt

TI72 – Change Transaction

TI93 – Manual Posting Block

TM21 – Deposit at Notice Cash Flow Update

TO02 – Change OTC Interest Rate Instrument

TRC5 – Client Copy Customizing

TSL05 – Give Notice on Securities Lending

TXF5 – Execute Fixing Order

FW44 – Customizing portfolio items

FWID – (Not available)

FWR1 – Customizing Acct Assignm. Refer.(Mod

S_AEN_10000987 – Issue Volumes

S_ALR_87003920 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZ76

S_ALR_87004244 – IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUFWMCFZC6


S_ALR_87007473 – IMG Activity: TRMX

S_ALR_87007844 – IMG Activity: 2STF_BEWPRINZ_WP

S_ALR_87007895 – IMG Activity: FIXINGMARGEN_FX

S_ALR_87008528 – IMG activity: INTEREST_VOLA_INPUT

S_ALR_87014436 – Treasury:Journal of Financial Trans.

S_ALR_87015220 – Treasury:Journal of Financial Trans.


TAC5 – Number Range Maintenance: FTA_AWKEY

TBA5 – TR:Maint.Chnge Alloc.Proc.cat/act.ct

TBCZ – Maintain Acct Determination: DE

TBZ6 – Match Incoming SWIFT Confirmation

THM54 – Manual OCI Reclassification

TI37 – Reverse Interest Rate Adjustment

TI81 – Change OTC Option

TJ11 – Display Single Transaction

TM41 – Create Cash Flow Transaction