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S_KFM_86000300 – IMG Activity: BP_TABELLEN

UCGEN – Select tables to be converted

UPART02 – Business Partner: Conversion Phase 2

UC03 – BP: Convert Marital Stat. TP03 TBO27

UCP2_3 – Conversion FI fields to relat’ships

S_KFM_86000013 – (Not available)

UCBPUM_E – Sel. of tables not to be converted

UCU4 – Conversion: Control

S_KFM_86000301 – IMG Activity: BP_TABELLENUM

UCH1 – Display logs

V_BPUM_CTL – BP: Activate Parallel Maintenance

RFTBUH06_BPUM_DEVCL – Maintain Development Classes

UC08 – BP: Convert Legal Forms

UCP3 – Match: Selection without partner

S_KFM_86000014 – (Not available)

UCBPUM_FUN – Selection of modules to be revised

UCU5 – Conversion: Sequence definition

S_KFM_86000302 – (Not available)

UCH2_1 – Determine data elements

S_KFM_86000004 – (Not available)

UC09 – BP: Conversion of Legal Entities

UCP3_2 – Match selected partners

S_KFM_86000015 – (Not available)

UCBPUM_FUNC – Selection of modules to be revised

UCU6 – Conversion: Def. fields for conv.

S_KFM_86000303 – (Not available)

UCH2_2 – Determine tables

S_KFM_86000005 – (Not available)

UC14 – BP: Conversion of Address TP14 tb009

UCP4 – Structure partner-obj. relationship

S_KFM_86000016 – (Not available)

UCBPUM_ROL – Sel.of data elements to be converted

UCUST – BP: Business partner – applic.Cust.

S_KFM_86000304 – (Not available)

UCH2_3 – Usage of Fields to be Converted

S_KFM_86000006 – (Not available)

UC15 – BP: Conversion of Functions

UCP6 – Convert Memos

S_KFM_86000017 – (Not available)

UCBPUM_TAB – Selection of old tables

UCZ11 – BP: Conversion of relationship type

S_KFM_86000305 – (Not available)

UCNOTA – BP: Convert general memos

S_KFM_86000007 – (Not available)

UC16 – BP: Conversion of Department

UCP7 – Display log

S_KFM_86000018 – (Not available)

UCC0 – Initialize Control Tables

UCZ12 – BP: Conversion of applications

S_P7F_76000013 – (Not available)