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S_AX8_68000388 – IMG Activity: FIAP_V_EBPP_T043G

S_AXC_91000050 – (Not available)

EBPP_LOG_DISP – Display of Log Categories

S_AX8_68000391 – IMG Activity: FBD_BADI_GETDATA

BDCONTACTS – Comments created in Biller Direct

EBPP_LOG_ORGA – Reorganize Log Entries

S_AX8_68000392 – IMG Activity: FBD_BADI_INVDET

EBPP_APAR_SUPPORT – Support Transaction for Bill. Direct

EBPP_RI – Biller Direct Bill Receipt

S_AX8_68000393 – IMG Activity: FBD_BADI_USAPPLREF

EBPP_AR_CONTACTS – EBPP: Remarks Created

EBPP_RIC – Biller Direct Bill Receipt: Settings

S_AX8_68000394 – IMG Activity: FBD_BADI_DEBITSL

EBPP_AR_MATCH – EBPP: Assignmt of User to Accounts

EBPP_RICONN – Biller Direct Bill Receipt: Links

S_AX8_68000395 – IMG Activity: FBD_BADI_NOTIFY

EBPP_AR_T042ICC – Account Determination Payment Cards

S_AX8_68000326 – IMG Activity: FIAP_V_T042ZEBPP

S_AX8_68000396 – IMG Activity: FBD_BADI_NOTIFY2

EBPP_AR_T042ZEBPP – EBPP: Maintain EBPP Payment Methods

S_AX8_68000327 – IMG Activity: FIAP_V_T042FCL

S_AX8_68000427 – IMG Activity: FIAP_VEBPP_REC_INV_C

EBPP_CREATE_USER – Create a new user

S_AX8_68000328 – IMG Activity: FIAP_V_T042ICC

S_AX8_68000428 – IMG Activity: APAR_EBPP_CHECK_INV

EBPP_CUST_CHNG – Change Notification Data

S_AX8_68000339 – IMG Activity: FIAP_EBPP_TTXID

S_AX8_68000429 – IMG Activity: FIAP_EBPP_T000

EBPP_CUST_DISP – Display Notification Data

S_AX8_68000340 – IMG Activity: FIAP_EBPP_LOG_CUST

S_AXA_22000109 – (Not available)

EBPP_LOG_CUST – Customizing for Log Categories