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FB05 – Post with Clearing

ACCR02 – Change Accrual/Deferral Document

F-39 – Clear Customer Down Payment

F.09 – G/L: Account List

F.42 – A/P: Account Balances

F107_PROV – FI Provisions

FB1K – Clear Vendor

FBIC003 – Create Additional Fields

FBICA2 – GL Accounts: Document Assignment

FBU3 – Display Intercompany Document

FCH2 – Display Payment Document Checks

FDMN – 0

FERP – Process plan for current period

FK09 – Confirm Vendor List (Accounting)

FYMN – Call Additional Components (IMG)

OBVCS – C FI Display View

S_AC0_52000363 – (Not available)

S_AL0_96000828 – (Not available)

S_P00_07000119 – Tax Transfer Posting

S_P9C_18000059 – (Not available)

S_PLN_62000453 – (Not available)

F-05 – Post Foreign Currency Valuation

F-52 – Post Incoming Payments

F.18 – ABAP/4 Report: Vend.Bal.Confirmation

F.54 – G/L: Structured Account Balances

FARZ – Table T061V

FBA1 – Customer Down Payment Request

FBIC015 – Reconciliation: Recalculate Totals

FBICRC_SNRO – No. Range Maintnce: FBICRC_REF

FBW2 – Post Bill of Exch.acc.to Pmt Request

FCHE – Delete Voided Checks

FECP – Copy regulatory parameters

FEV13 – Clearing cost elements

FOTV – Admin. Report Data Transmission

OACCR01 – Accruals/Deferrals Doc. Type Maint.

OBZT – Single Screen Transaction Tax Code

S_AL0_96000256 – (Not available)

S_ALR_87100116 – (Not available)

S_P3E_60000054 – (Not available)

S_PL0_09000158 – Annual Operations Report (Spain)

F-29 – Post Customer Down Payment

F-66 – Park Vendor Credit Memo

F.29 – A/R: Set Up Info System 1

F.75 – Extended Bill/Exchange Information

FB09D – Display Line Items

FBD4 – Display Recurring Entry Changes

FBIC026 – Reconciliation: Totals Records

FBM3 – Display Sample Document

FBZ2 – Post Outgoing Payments

FD03 – Display Customer (Accounting)