Tag Archives: (FI-GL) – General Ledger Accounting

F13L – Autom. Clearing Spec. to Ledger Grp

FAGLGA16 – Gen. Ledger: Act. Assessmt Overview

FAGLSKF5 – Stat. Key Figures: Document Reversal

FAGL_MIG_CRESUM – Generate Bal.Carryforward:Open Items

FAGL_TRGT_LDGR – Assgnmnt:Acctg Principle to Ldgr Grp

FSM1 – Create Sample Account

GLGCU1 – Subsequently Post Docs to ERP GL

OBX2 – CO-FI Table T030B Document Splitting

S_AC0_52000624 – (Not available)

S_AC0_52000891 – (Not available)

S_ALN_01000637 – (Not available)

S_ALR_87008925 – IMG Activity: SIMG_GLT0FGIR

S_E38_98000024 – (Not available)

S_ELN_06000006 – (Not available)

S_PCO_36000344 – (Not available)

S_PL0_86000034 – (Not available)

S_SL0_21000013 – (Not available)

FAGLBW03 – Assign Gen. Ledger DataSource/Ledger

FAGLGA35 – Gen. Ledger:Execute Act.Distribution

FAGL_BELNR_LD – Doc. Types for Source Docs in Ledger

FAGL_MIG_RESTORE_RP – Reset Migration for Documents

FBB1 – Post Foreign Currency Valn

FSP6 – Mark Mast.Rec.for Del.in Chart/Accts

GLPV – Flexible G\L: Versions

S_AC0_52000468 – (Not available)

S_AC0_52000645 – (Not available)

S_AL0_19000013 – (Not available)

S_ALR_87008904 – IMG Activity: SIMG_GLT0GLCF

S_ALR_87008936 – IMG Activity: SIMG_GLT0GLL2

S_E38_98000072 – (Not available)

S_ELN_06000019 – (Not available)

S_PCO_36000417 – (Not available)

S_PL0_86000076 – (Not available)


FAGLL03 – G/L Account Line Items (New)

FAGL_FC_VAL – Foreign Currency Valuation

FAGL_PL_LC – Number Range Maint. for Plan Docs

FS10 – G/L Account Balance

GLA1 – Activate flexible G/L

GSP_LZ2 – Allocation: acct number – item type

S_AC0_52000510 – (Not available)

S_AC0_52000748 – (Not available)

S_AL0_19000074 – (Not available)

S_ALR_87008915 – IMG Activity: SIMG_ORFB2GCLE

S_ALR_87008947 – IMG Activity: SIMG_ORFB2T811I2

S_E38_98000129 – (Not available)

S_P7D_67000012 – (Not available)

S_PL0_86000016 – (Not available)

S_PL0_86000175 – (Not available)

F61A – Bank archiving