Tag Archives: (FI-CA) – Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable

FPAWM_ALV – Foreign Trade Report – ALV List

FPBMC – Select MultiCash Conversion Program

FPCHV – Voiding of Checks from Payment Run

FPCVS_EXAM – Monitoring of Third Party Payments

FPE1S – Post Sample Document

FPG3 – Transfer to CO-PA

FPN10 – Number Range Maintenance: FKKINDPAY

FPP2 – Change Contract Partner

FPRES_CON – Summarization of Reserve Postings

FPT6 – Recreate Totals Records

FP_DEL_DFKKREP01 – Deletion of Tax Rep. Data (Belgium)

FQ1039 – Check Encashment Exp./Rev. Accounts

FQC1400 – Acct Determ. IDOC Receivables Items


FQKPB – Broker Report: Line Layout Variants

FQP6A – Assign Internal Check Numbers

FQZ06 – FI-CA: Installm.Plan Inact. Dunn.Run

FQZ5 – FI-CA: Screen var.for post.G/L items

FQ_FPCJ_ACTIVITIES – Role-Specific Activities

S_EAI_14000009 – (Not available)

S_EAI_74002803 – (Not available)

CFCSTARTBOR – Start CFC with Obj. Key from BOR Mth

FKKORD2_APPR – Approve Standing Requests

FP02RC – Reset Check Reason in Repymt Request

FP09FIK – Change Recon. Key for Returns Lot

FPAC02 – Activate AS for Document Archiving

FPARCJ1 – Cash Journal Archiving

FPARPP1 – Archiving of Promises to Pay

FPB0 – Post Payment

FPCB – Collective Bill

FPCLBW – Extraction of Collection Items

FPDE_AEXP – Doc. Extracts – Export fm Archive

FPEMMAPREP – EMMA: Mass Activity for Job Analysis

FPI5 – Loan Calculation: Test Transaction

FPN_AGGRF – Number Range Maintenance: FKKDREGAGG

FPPCDL – PCARD: Delete logs

FPSCHEDULER – Execute Mass Activity

FPVB – Dunning Activity Run

FQ0090 – FI-CA: Specifications for Bundling

FQ2001 – Acct Determination f. Fund Clearing

FQC40 – C FKK Account Determination */0040

FQI1 – Maintain Interest Keys

FQKPZ – Payment Lot: Line Layout Variants


FQZ12 – Tax Calculation Typ Indiv.Value Adj.

FQZG – FI-CA: AccDet – Down Pmnt/Charge


S_EAI_14000020 – (Not available)

S_EAI_74002814 – (Not available)

FKJOCMDR1 – Job Commander from FuMo (List)