Tag Archives: (FI-CA) – Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable

FKKCRM_AUTH_CHECK – Dummy: FCC Authorization Check

FKK_PAYMENTRELEASE – Install Payment Release Workflow

FP05CLE_CALL – Clarification proc. via CALL TRANS

FP53 – Clarif.Process. of Cashed Checks

FPAR12 – FI-CA: Invoicing by Third Party

FPARM0 – Define FICA Dun. Archiving Runtime

FPARZ0 – FI-CA: Payment Lot Archiving

FPB22 – Advice Note Tfr – Generate Cust.Str.

FPCGA – Display Master Data Groups

FPCR1 – Display Creditworthiness

FPDMS3 – Assign Business Partner

FPEWS – EURO: FI-CA Document Balances

FPLC – Acct Balance: Fullscreen Chronology

FPO7 – Analysis of Extracted Open Items

FPPNU – Change Prenotif. Processing Status

FPST – Preselection by Transaction Data

FPWLM – Manage Worklists

FQ04 – C FI Maintenance Table TFK000U

FQB4 – FI-CA Corresp. – Application Forms

FQCFCC1071 – Buchungsdaten f

FQK2 – TFK021R (account balance: Select)

FQM8 – FI-CA Dunning – Cust.Dunn.Proc.Types

FQZ04 – FI-CA: G/L Acct Det Write Off

FQZ21 – FI-CA: Collection Agency Pstg Specs.

FQZQ – FI-CA: Doc Posting: Default Entries

RFKKO2H – Reconcile Docs from Standing Request

S_EAI_14000032 – (Not available)

S_EAI_74002825 – (Not available)

CORRHIST – Display Correspondence History

FKKORD2_EXT – Display Standing Requests

FP03 – Submission to External Coll. Agency

FP09FS – Field Selection Returns Lot Header

FPAC03 – Activate AS for Paymt Lot Archiving

FPARCJ2 – Activate AS for Cash Journal

FPARPP2 – Activate Promise to Pay AS

FPAWM_CORR – Update Report File

FPBN – Process Balance Notifications

FPCHX – Check Extract for Report Files

FPDDA2 – Change Debit Memo Notification

FPE2 – Change Document

FPG3M – COPA Transfer – Mass Run

FPN2 – Maintain Number Range: FKK_ACCOUNT

FPP2A – Activate Planned Changes

FPRH – Display Installment Plan Histories

FPT7 – Statement Posting Totals

FP_DEL_DFKKZP_ARCIND – Delete Indexes for Arch. Payment Lot

FQ1041 – FI-CA: Returns Clarification Account

FQC1401 – Account Determ. IDOC Revenue Items

FQEXC1 – Define Specifns for Agent Posting

FQKPD – Document Processing: Variants