Tag Archives: (FI-CA) – Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable

FKLOCK2 – Set Processing Locks

FP05FIK – Change Reconcil. Key for Payment Lot

FP55 – DunSch – Customer Structure Generat.

FPARBGA0 – FI-CA: Life of Tax Info. for Com.Ops

FPARMDOC0 – FI-CA: Sample Docs (General) Life

FPAS00 – Display Archived Payment Lot

FPB4 – Payment Lot Transfer Error Process.

FPCH1 – Online Check Printing

FPCRL – Clarification Processing: Returns

FPDOC – Display missing FI-CA document

FPF1 – Create Reconciliation Key

FPLKDEL – Delete Mass Locks Set

FPOITR – Outbound Interface: BP Postings

FPR1 – Create Installment Plan

FPS_RFKKPYOD – Delete Payment Orders

FPY1A – Analysis Tool for Payment Runs etc.

FQ06 – FI-CA Maintenance Table TFK062A

FQC0 – C FKK Acct Determination (General)

FQCODU – Cont A/R + A/P – Cust. Dunn. Proced.

FQK5 – TFK021R (account balance: Add.field)

FQMASS – Mass Activities

FQZ04B – Maintain Table TFK048AB

FQZ23 – FI-CA: Information to Coll. Agency

FQZT – FI-CA: Check Deposit Clearing

S_ANI_74002796 – (Not available)

S_EAI_14000034 – (Not available)

S_EAI_74002827 – (Not available)

FKKCRM_INFO_PROF – Define Information Module

FKKORD3 – Edit General Requests

FP03DM – Mass Act.: Submission to Coll.Agency

FP18 – Reverse Repayment Request

FPAC05 – Activate AS for contract acct arch.

FPARCOLL1 – Collection Agency Archiving

FPARR1 – FI-CA: Returns Archiving

FPAY1B – Create Payment Specification

FPBPCU – Proc. Master Data Change fm Ext.Sys.

FPCIBW – BW Extraction of Cleared Items

FPDDAX – Debit Memo Notification

FPE2M – Mass Document Change

FPG5 – FI-CA Docs to FI-GL Docs

FPN4 – Number Range Maintenance: FKKPYFORM

FPP4 – Maintain Payment Data

FPRU – Overview of Repayment Requests

FPTCRPO – Credit Processing

FP_NOTE_TEST – Note to payee Analysis – Test

FQ1310 – FI-CA: Main/Sub for Official Charges

FQC1403 – Determination of Posting Data

FQEXC3 – Clearing Acct for Payt Lot for ExtCD

FQKPI – Payment Specification: Line Layout

FQP9 – DME Foreign Payment Transactions