Tag Archives: (FI-CA) – Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable

FKKCLERK_CM_CUUNIT – Maintain Unit Responsibilities

FKK_EBS_POI – Create Additional Information

FP05 – Process Payment Lot

FP50 – Manual Outgoing Checks Lot:

FPAR08 – Delete Reporting Data for Revenues

FPARINF0 – FI-CA: Information Container Life

FPARWL2 – Activate Collection Worklist AS

FPB17 – Transfer MultiCash File (FI-CA)

FPCD – Post Payment

FPCOPARA – Correspondence Printing

FPDM01 – Create Coll. Cases after Dunn. Run

FPEW6 – Euro: Adjust FI Reconciliation Accts

FPIPBW – Installment Plan Extraction

FPO2 – Reconciliation of OI’s in G/L

FPPN5 – Postprocess Prenotification Return F

FPSNAP_CUST – Account Bal.: Partner for Snapshot

FPVZ – Maintain Agreed Payment Amounts

FQ0211 – FI-CA: Addtl Withholding Tax IncPayt

FQAT04 – Follow-Up: Variants for Act. Type 4

FQCALLID – Maintenance of Table TFKCALLID

FQI7 – Maintain Mass Activ: Cash Sec. Dep.

FQM4 – FI-CA Dunning-Cust.Dun. Charges Type

FQZ02 – FI-CA: Charge-Off Specs

FQZ19 – Maintain Table TFKZGRME

FQZM – FI-CA: Doc Posting: Default Entries

MKK – Mass Contract Invoicing

S_EAI_14000028 – (Not available)

S_EAI_74002821 – (Not available)

CFCS – Clarification worklist – Customizing

FKKORD1_APPR – Check Requests

FM_CLEAR_ACC – Clarification Worklist – FM AcctAsgt

FP08M – Mass Reversal

FP70 – Returns Lot: Incorrect Bank Data

FPARCASE1 – Archiving of Item List in Cases

FPARPNBK1 – Prenotification Archiving

FPAVDEL – Delete Payment Advice Note

FPB9 – Doc.Transfer-Cust.Struct.Generator

FPCHP – Check Assignment for Payment Run

FPCVS – Clarification Processing:

FPDUN_REPAIR – Delta Update

FPG1M – General Ledger Transfer – Mass Run

FPMANAGER – Additional Collections Manager

FPOR8 – Reverse Payment Order

FPRECL – Post Reclassifications

FPT3 – Alternative Period Transfer

FPZW – Receivables correction

FQ1036 – FI-CA: Specs for Check Encashment

FQC1210 – Acct Determination */1200

FQDM0 – Posting Area 3000

FQKL – Existing settings contract A/R & A/P