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AO96 – Acct. assgnmt. Transfer of reserves

RFKRADEC – Declining balance Depreciation (KR)

AT01 – Create Asset Master Record (old)

S_PL0_09000260 – (Not available)

ANSICHT – Maintain Asset Views

AT84 – Display Old Group Asset Sub-No.(old)

AO97 – Acct. assgnmt. Reval. of deprec.

RFKRASL – Straight Line Depreciation Korea

/CCIS/67000092 – (Not available)

AT02 – Change Asset Master Record (old)

S_PL0_86000183 – (Not available)

AO69 – Account assignmt. KTNAIB

AT91 – Create Old Asset (old)

AO98 – Acct. assignment Interest

RFKRASUP – Asset Accounting detail Report

AACCOBJ – Display Active Acct Assgnmt Elements

AT03 – Display Asset Master Record (old)

S_XEN_65000068 – (Not available)

AO85 – Account assignmt Acquisitions

AT92 – Change Old Asset (old)

AO99 – Acct. assgnmt. Derived dep. areas

RFKRAUP – Si Bu In Amount update

AATENV1 – Create Data Collection

AT11 – Create Asset Subnumber (Old)

AO86 – Account assingmt. Retirements

AT93 – Display Old Asset (old)

AO99_OLD – Acct. assgnmt. Derived dep. areas

S_AL0_96000352 – (Not available)

AATENV2 – Create Test Cases

AT21 – Create Group Asset (old)

AO87 – Acct. Assignmt Revaluation on APC

AT94 – Create Old Asset Sub-Number (old)

APER_RESET – Reset Periodic Posting Run

S_AL0_96000509 – (Not available)

AATENV3 – Execute Test Cases

AT22 – Change Group Asset (old)

AO90 – Account assignmt Acquisitions

FIAAHELP – FI-AA Utility Programs

AR11N – Investment Grants

S_ALN_01000535 – (Not available)

ABUZSM – Maintain Line Item Schema

AT23 – Display Group Asset (old)

AO90_OLD – Account assignmt Acquisitions

FIAAHELP_DARK – FI-AA Utility Programs Dispatcher

AR29N – Re- and New Valuation of Assets

S_ALN_01002236 – (Not available)

ACC01 – Account Maintenance FI-AA

AT24 – Create Group Asset Sub-Number (old)

AO93 – Ord. Depreciation Acct Assignment

OADB – Define Depreciation Area