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ABAVN – Asset Retirement by Scrapping

ABZV – Asset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing Acct

ABMW – Reverse asset trans. using doc. no.

AB02 – Change asset document

ABUB – Transfer between areas

ABAW – Balance sheet revaluation

ABNA – Post-capitalization

AB03 – Display Asset Document

ABUM – Transfer From

ABAWN – New value method

ABNAN – Post-Capitalization

AB08 – Reverse Line Items

ABUMN – Transfer within Company Code

ABCO – Adjustment Posting to Areas

ABNC – Enter post-capitalization

ABAA – Unplanned depreciation

ABZE – Acquisition from in-house production

ABF1 – Post Document

ABNE – Subsequent Revenue

ABAD – Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer

ABZK – Acquisition from purchase w. vendor

ABF1L – Post Document in Ledger Group

ABNK – Subsequent Costs

ABAD_OLD – Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer

ABZO – Asset acquis. autom. offset. posting

ABGF – Credit Memo in Year after Invoice

ABSO – Miscellaneous Transactions

ABAKN – Last Retirement on Group Asset

ABZON – Acquis. w/Autom. Offsetting Entry

ABGL – Enter Credit Memo in Year of Invoice

AARC – Archiving Asset Accounting

ABSO_OLD – Miscellaneous Transactions

ABAO – Asset Sale Without Customer

ABZP – Acquistion from affiliated company

ABIF – Investment support

AART – Reading of Archive Data

ABST – Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA

ABAON – Asset Sale Without Customer

ABZS – Enter write-up

ABMA – Manual depreciation

AAVN – Recalculate base insurable value

ABT1 – Intercompany Asset Transfer

ABAV – Asset Retirement by Scrapping

ABZU – Write-up

ABMR – Manual transfer of reserves

AB01 – Create asset transactions

ABT1N – Intercompany Asset Transfer