Tag Archives: (CO-PC-PCP) – Product Cost Planning

0K01 – List of Costing Variants

CK60 – Preselection for Material/Plant

CKECPINT – Easy Cost Planning

KKEB – Revaluate Base Planning Objects

OKY1 – Sales Order: Unit Costing

OKZA – Base Planning Object Group

CK00 – Product costing initial screen

CK75N – Change Additive Costs

CKU1 – Update Material Price

OKIR – Movement variants simulation costing

OKYC – Reference Cost Estimates

OPR4_CKPF – Price Update

CK41 – Create Costing Run

CKA1 – Std Cost Est to Profitability Anal.

IKKZ – Costing Variant Generic Object

OKKO – Costing Variants Base Planning Obj

OKYN – Valuation Variants: Seiban

OPRCMFE – User-Defined Messages

0KEX1 – Easy Execution Services

CK61 – CK Batch Processing

CKECP_AR – Write Archive

KKMN – Product costing application area

OKY2 – Costing Variants CO Production Order

OKZZ – Message Management (Release)

CK11 – Create Product Cost Estimate

CK76 – Display Additive Costs

CKUC – Multilevel Unit Costing

OKK4 – Valuation Variants for Prod. Costing

OKYD – Costing Versions

OPR4_KKA – WIP Calculation

CK42 – Change Costing Run

CKAPP01 – Materials To Be Costed

JPECPFE – Define Formula Element

OKKR – Costing Variants for Internal Orders

OKYO – Assignment of Delivery Costs

S_ALN_01001017 – (Not available)

0KEX2 – Customizing Execution Profile

CK62 – Find Structure: BOM Explosion

CKMATCON – Selection List Maintenance Dialog

KKPA – Create Cost Est w/o Qty Structure

OKY3 – Costing Variants: Cost Objects

OPL1 – Costing Variants: PP Prod. Order

CK11N – Create Material Cost Estimate

CK76N – Display Additive Costs

CKVF – Show Whether Marking/Release Allowed

OKK5 – Qty Structure Control for Costing

OKYE – Costing Types (Sales Order)

OPR4_KKP – Repetitive Mfg and Process Mfg

CK43 – Display Costing Run

CKAPP03 – Sales Order Item to be Costed