Tag Archives: (CO-PC-ACT) – Actual Costing/Material Ledger

CKM3VERYOLD – Display Material Ledger Data

CKMLBB_AGGREGATE – Calculate Periodic Receipt Values

CKMREP – Repair Program for ML Tables

OMX4 – Number Range Maintenence: ML-DOCU.

CKMC – Consistency Check for a Material

CKMLMAT – Display Material List

CKRU02 – ML Costing Run, Change Profile

OMXF – Activate Actual Cst Component Split

CKMF_RUN – Allow Price Determination for Run

CKMLSTATUS – Materials by Period Status

KALNRCHECK – Consist. Check for Costing Run Nos.

S_E38_98000151 – (Not available)

CKM9 – Show Customizing Settings for Plant


CKMS – Material Ledger Docs for Material

OMX5 – Dyn. Price Release Plan. Pr. Change

CKMCCC – Manual Change: Act. Cost Comp. Split

CKMLMVCHECK – Quantity Structure Consistency

CKRU03 – ML Costing Run, Display Profile

OMXG – Maintain Key Figure Scheme

CKMG – Allow Closing Entries

CKMLWIPDEACT – Check Report: WIP Deactivation

KALNRREORG – Reorg. of Old Costing Number Entries

S_E38_98000152 – (Not available)

CKMACD – Werteflussanzeige f

CKMLBB_PERIODS_LIST – Display Periodic Receipt Values

CKMSTART – Production Startup of Mat. Ledger

OMX6 – Texts for Currency Types/Valuations

CKMCCD – ManChang: Display Actual CC Split

CKMLMV_CA – Edit Controlling Level

CKRU04 – Display Selection

OMXH – Maintain FIFO Variant

CKMG_RUN – Allow Closing Entries for Run

CKMLXPRA46A – Postprocessing Report for 46A-XPRA


S_P99_41000283 – (Not available)

CKMADJUST – Reconcil. with Bal. Sheet Acct in FI

CKMLBB_PRICES_CHANGE – Price Change with Alternat. Prices

CKMTOPPRICEDIF – Mat. with Highest MAP Difference

OMX7 – Definition ML Movement Type Groups

CKMCCS – Display Actual Cost Component Split

CKMLMV_MCA_N – Mass Maintenance: Controlling Levels

CKRU05 – Display ML Costing Run

OMXW – Activate WIP at Actual Costs

CKMH – Single-Level Price Determination

CKML_FPR1N – Edit Production Process

MGV_CORRECT – Checks + Corrects Quantity Structure

S_PL0_09000060 – (Not available)

CKMARCHBEL – Archive Document

CKMLBB_PRICES_LIST – Display Alternative Prices