Tag Archives: (CO-PC-ACT) – Actual Costing/Material Ledger

CKMH_RUN – Single-Level Price Det.for Costg Run

CKML_PRICES_SEND – Send Material Prices

MLCCSPD – Cost Components for Price

S_PL0_09000061 – (Not available)

CKMARCHDAT – Archive Period Records

CKMLCP – Cockpit Actual Costing

CKMVAPP – Data Transfer: Val. Production Plan

OMX9 – Define Material Update Structure

CKMD – Transactions for a Material

CKMLPOH – Order History Display

CKRU07 – Plants in Costing Runs

OMX_NRULE_DISP – Display Controlling Levels

CKMI – Post Closing

CKML_SURF – Edit Prcrmnt / Cnsmptn Alternatives

OMRW – Treatment of Exch. Rate Differences

S_PL0_09000062 – (Not available)

CKMARCHIDX – Archive Index Entries

CKMLCPMLBF – Material Ledger Budget Cockpit

CKMVFM – Value Flow Monitor

OMXA – Display Quantity Structure Type

CKMDISPACT – Technical Activity Type View

CKMLPROT – Delete Logs

CKRU08 – Display Levels

OMX_UMB_ACCOUNTS – Display Accounts for Account Key UMB

CK91N – Edit Procurement Alternatives

CKMI_RUN – Post Closing for Costing Run

CKMM – Change Price Determination

OMX0 – Assign ML Movement Type Groups

CKMARCHSPL – Archiving Actl Cost Comp. Split Recs

CKMLLA – Prices in the Material Ledger

CKMVFM_DEL – Delete Extract

OMXB – Define Naming Rule

CKMDISPDOC – Technical View ML Document

CKMLQS – Valuated Quantity Structure(M-level)

COMLI – Post WIP Closing for Activities

S_AL0_96000544 – (Not available)

CKM3 – Material Price Analysis

CKMJ – Display Organizational Measures

CKMM_RUN – Multilevel Pr. Deter. for Cstg Run

OMX1 – ML Activation in n Valuation Areas

CKMARCHWIP – Archive WIP for Actual Costs

CKMLLACHANGE – Display ActvPrices, Change NO_SETTLE

CKM_CURRENCIES_LIST – Currency and Val.types in ML, FI, CO

OMXC – Rules for Name Formation

CKMDISPPOH – Technical View of Order Development

CKMLRUNCUMDEL – Delete costing run cumulation

COMLWIPARCH – Archive WIP Quantities Document

S_ALN_01000986 – (Not available)

CKM3N – Material Price Analysis

CKMJ_RUN – Organizational Measures for Run