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4KE1N – EC-PCA: Create Actual Distribution

KE1A – Copy complete plan

KE26 – Repost Accounting Document

KE3L – Split report

KE4L – Pricing report

KEAE – Generate Proc. Template Environment

KEDD – COPA Char. Derivation Overview ALV

KEG3N – Display Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.

KCPZ – Segment-Specific Planning Functions

KE1L – Create Plan Structure

KE30 – Execute profitability report

KE40 – Maintain view V_TKEVA03

KE4SMM – CO-PA: Post Material Documents Subs.

KEB4 – Debugging Support Hierarchies

KEDUSM – CO-PA: Monitor Build for Summ. Lvls

KEG9N – Display Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.

KE12 – Display plan data

KE1XO – Ext. Data Transfer to CO-PA Planning

KE3B – Print and actualize reports

KE4C – Copy Condition

KE95 – Change Form

KECO – Transfer of Cost Component Split

KEF4 – Display Events

4KE2N – EC-PCA: Change Actual Distribution

KE1B – Process complete plan

KE27 – Periodic valuation

KE3M – Overview of Reports

KE4M – Maintain view V_T258M

KEAF – Value Field Analysis

KEDE – Maintain Derivation Rule Entries

KEG4 – Delete Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.

KCR6 – Display form

KE1M – Change Plan Structure

KE31 – Create profitability report

KE41 – Create condition

KE4ST – Simulation billg docs transfer CO-PA

KEB5 – Reduce Data Volumes for Test

KEDV – CO-PA: Maintain Summarization Levels

KEGA – Delete Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.

KE13 – Upload from Excel

KE1Y – Transfer of CO-PA Plan Data to FI-SL

KE3C – Reorganize Forms

KE4D – Maintain external str. in ABAP Dict.

KE96 – Display Form

KECP – Copy Operating Concern

KEFA – Maintain Sender Structures

4KE3N – EC-PCA: Display Actual Distribution

KE1C – Delete Plan Data

KE27S – Reversal of KE27 Delta Line Items

KE3P – Maintain Variant Groups