Tag Archives: (CO-OM-PRO-PL-CP) – Cost Planning in the WBS

CJ43 – Display Project Revenues

ONP6 – Display Nwk Pl.Layout Statistical KF

CJP2 – Change Project Plan Adjustment

CJ34 – Project Budget Transfer

CJR9 – PS: Display Revenue Element Planning

CJ9B – Copy WBS Plan to Plan (Collective)

OPO1 – Create Cost Element Planning Layout

CJP3 – Display Project Plan Adjustment

CJ35 – Budget Return from Project

CJS2 – PS: Change stat. key figure planning

CJ9B_OLD – Copy Project Cost Planning (old)

OPO2 – Change Cost Element Planning Layout

CJP4 – Delete Project Plan Adjustment

CJ36 – Budget Supplement to Project

CJS3 – PS: Display stat. key fig. planning

CJ9C – Copy WBS Actual to Plan (Collective)

OPO3 – Display Cost Element Planning Layout

CJPU – Execute Project Plan Adjustment

CJ37 – Budget Supplement in Project

CJS4 – PS: Change stat. key figure planning

CJ9C_OLD – Copy Project Revenue Planning (old)

OPO4 – Create Stat. KF Planning Layout

CJR2 – PS: Change plan CElem/Activ. input

CJ38 – Budget Return in Project

CJS5 – PS: Display stat. key fig. planning

CJBN – Reconstruct Availability Control

OPO5 – Change Stat. KF Planning Layout

CJR3 – PS: Display plan CElem/Activ. input

CJ3A – Change Budget Document

KO14_OLD – Copy Order Plan Version (old)

CJBV – Activate Project Availabilty Control

OPO6 – Display Stat. KF Planning Layout

CJR4 – PS: Change plan primary cost element

CJ3B – Display Budget Document

KO15 – Copy Actual Int.Order Data to Plan

CJBW – Deactivate Project Availabilty Cntrl

OPSX – PS: Reset "Budgeted" Status

CJ30 – Change Project Original Budget

CJR5 – PS: Display plan primary cost elem.

CJ40 – Change Project Plan

OK12 – Reset "Budgeted" Status

CJK2 – Change Statistical Key Figures

OPTM – Fincl Budgeting Profile for Projects

CJ31 – Display Project Original Budget

CJR6 – PS: Change activity input planning

CJ41 – Display Project Plan

ONP4 – Create Ntwk Pl.Layout Statistical KF

CJK3 – Display Statistical Key Figures

OPVC – Convert Avlability Cntrl Tol.Limits

CJ32 – Change Project Release