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CFC02 – Mapping of Attributes

CFS2 – Display All Today’s TRFCs

FRE12 – Delta DIF occurrence transmission

MPO_ADMIN – Administration of Rule Maintenance

SG12 – Send Object with Memo

S_AHR_61015480 – Flexible Employee Data

S_AHR_61015516 – Vacancies

S_AHR_61015548 – Vesting Percentages

S_AHR_61015580 – Attendance/Absence for Each Employee

/SAPSLL/TLSDST – SLL: Assgmt Server Legal Services

CFE01 – Export Documents to cFolders

CRMBWST – Gen. DataSource for BW Status Obj.

FRE25 – Processing Methods Delta

MPO_POS – Rule Maint. for Unusual Postings

SPO4_DISP – Drag&Relate Metadata (Display Only)

S_AHR_61015493 – Reference Personnel Numbers

S_AHR_61015527 – Profile Matchup (Display Profile)

S_AHR_61015559 – Display an Existing Scenario Group

S_AHR_61015591 – Att./Absences: Graphical Overview

ACO2 – Authorization Check Object Types

CFM4 – Display Integration Models

DRPLANETYPE – Display Aircraft Type

FRE_C1 – Check Master Data

RPMTIME01 – HR Time/Rate info for employees

S_AEC_66000629 – (Not available)

S_AHR_61015506 – Log of Report Starts

S_AHR_61015538 – Display Appraisals Catalog

S_AHR_61015570 – Different Service Type/Service Cat.

S_AHR_61015602 – Working Times of Time and Incentive

CFC1 – Maintain Operating Mode ADC

CFSRMPO – SRM PO Transfer Customizing

FRE13 – Delete admin.data for DIF occurrence


SG1C – Sent Documents

S_AHR_61015482 – Family Members

S_AHR_61015517 – Job Advertisements

S_AHR_61015549 – Changes in Benefits Elections

S_AHR_61015581 – Attendance/Absence for Each Employee

/SAPTRX/47000006 – (Not available)

CFE02 – Export Objects to cFolders

CRM_TAX_VALIDATE_BP – Customizing Report for BP in OLTP

FRE27 – Transfer structured Materials to F&R

MSR_SELECT – MSR: Maintain Selection Criteria

SPO5 – Drag&Relate: Initial Screen

S_AHR_61015495 – HR Master Data Sheet

S_AHR_61015528 – Find persons for selected qualif.

S_AHR_61015560 – Plan Scenarios of Personnel Costs

S_AHR_61015592 – Time Leveling

ACO3 – Allowed Activities per Object Type

CFM5 – Integration Model Object Search