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/SAPTRX/68000160 – IMG activity

CFI01 – Import Documents from cFolders

DRCARR – Display Carrier

FRE34 – Maintenance of Table FRE_OP_PO_KEY

PIMG – Display R/3 Plug In IMG

SSO9 – Maintain Workplace Applic. Server

S_AHR_61015499 – Employee structure

S_AHR_61015532 – Profile Matchup: Positions/Holders

S_AHR_61015564 – Financing from BS Element Budgets

S_AHR_61015596 – Time Statement Form

AOBJ_DOCU – Display Archiving Object Docu.

CFP1 – Analyze and Send Changes

FRE04 – Transfer Open Orders to F&R

MPOCCMONALERT – Write Extracts for CC Monitor

SE38N – SE38 with Default RDELALOG

S_AHR_61015475 – Job Assignment List (Japan)

S_AHR_61015511 – Applicants’ Education and Training

S_AHR_61015543 – Employee Demographics

S_AHR_61015575 – Display personal shift plan

CFC7 – RFC Destination Maintenance

CMPDS1 – Customize multiple PDS

FRE20 – Update procurement cycles

MPO_MON – Rule Maintenance for CCtr Monitor

SG1K – Subscribe To Object

S_AHR_61015488 – Education and Training

S_AHR_61015522 – Persons "Developed" by Dev. Plan

S_AHR_61015554 – Salary Structure List

S_AHR_61015586 – Att./Absences: Graphical Overview

/SAPTRX/68000161 – IMG activity

CFI02 – Import Objects from cFolders

DRCONN – Display Connection

FRE50 – Send Switchover Information

RADKFCHK – Accessibility of Archive Files

SWK1 – Start Work Item Execution/Display

S_AHR_61015500 – Salary According to Seniority

S_AHR_61015533 – Profiles

S_AHR_61015565 – Budget Year Comparison

S_AHR_61015597 – Cumulated Time Evaluation Results

ARCHGUIDE – Data Archiving Guide

CFP2 – Analyze and Send Changes

FRE05 – Transfer changed sal. price to F&R

MPOCCPOSALERT – Write Extracts for Line Items

SE38P – Delete ALE Change Pointers

S_AHR_61015476 – RPLLRPJD

S_AHR_61015512 – Applications

S_AHR_61015544 – Spending Account Premiums

S_AHR_61015576 – Display attendance list

CFC8 – Number Range Parallelization

CMPERS_CALL – Edit User Settings

FRE21 – Upd. assignment of initial buy check