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ACO4 – Change Documents for ACO Objects

CFM6 – Modify Integration Model

FRE01 – Initial transmission of Data to F&R

FRE_C3 – Check layout module

SCRM – CRM-Relevant IMG in PlugIn of R/3

S_AHR_61015472 – address_list_of _employee

S_AHR_61015508 – Variable Applicant List

S_AHR_61015540 – Eligible Employees

S_AHR_61015572 – Financing in Organizational Unit

CFC3 – CIF: Initial Transfer for Block Size

CIFPUCUST – Customizing CIF External Procurement

FRE17 – Deltat Trans. BEF Occ.- No. Plants

MPO_CCMON_DOC_CALL – Call Doc. Display for CCtr Monitor

SG1H – Display Links

S_AHR_61015485 – Vehicle – Search List

S_AHR_61015519 – Development plan history

S_AHR_61015551 – Premium for stock purchase plans

S_AHR_61015583 – Att./Absence Data: Calendar View

/SAPTRX/68000158 – IMG activity

CFG3 – Find in Application Log

DRBBOOK – Display Company Booking

FRE31 – Maintenance of Interface Tables MD4

NDV2 – Maintain System Releases

SSO2D – Workplace: Single Sign-On Display

S_AHR_61015497 – Headcount Development

S_AHR_61015530 – Find Objects for Requirements

S_AHR_61015562 – Available Budget Per BS Element

S_AHR_61015594 – Time Statement Form

ADPMPS – PM/PS Integration

CFM7 – Delete Integration Models

FRE02 – Transfer changed data to F&R

FRE_C4 – Check Order data

SE38L – SE38 with RCIFIMAX

S_AHR_61015473 – Employee w. Social & Employment Ins.

S_AHR_61015509 – Applicants by Name

S_AHR_61015541 – Changes in Eligibility

S_AHR_61015573 – Violations of earmarking

CFC4 – Maintenance of Object Infos

CIFPUCUST01 – CIF Source of Supply Determination

FRE18 – Delete BEF Occ. for No. Plants

MPO_ILV – Rule Maintenance for IAA Monitor

SG1I – Attachment List

S_AHR_61015486 – Employee List

S_AHR_61015520 – Individual development plan

S_AHR_61015552 – Benefits Selection Analysis

S_AHR_61015584 – Attendance Check

/SAPTRX/68000159 – IMG activity

CFGD – Delete Application Log Entries

DRBOOK – Display Booking

FRE33 – Deletion of consumption data