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CFS0 – Display Serialization Channels

FRE10 – Transfer Reference Site to F&R

MPOORDALERT – Write Extracts for ORDMonitor

SG10 – Workflow Overview

S_AHR_61015478 – Residence Tax Entry Proof List (JP)

S_AHR_61015514 – Planned Activities for Personnel Off

S_AHR_61015546 – Insurance Plan Premiums

S_AHR_61015578 – Personal Work Schedule

BW03 – (Not available)

CMPERS_MM – Personalization: Collective Maint

FRE23 – upd. repl. block. after cust. change

MPO_PERS_FILL_CC – Fill for Personalization, Cost Ctrs

SPO1 – Generic Transaction Starter

S_AHR_61015491 – Time spent in pay scale group/level

S_AHR_61015525 – Career planning

S_AHR_61015557 – Salary According to Seniority

S_AHR_61015589 – Att./Absence Data: Calendar View

/SAPSLL/T000_SPI – Assign Logical System

CFC91 – Activate/Deactivate bgRFC for CIF

DRFLIGHT – Display Flight Data

FRE81 – No. Range Maintnce: FRE_DIFREF

RARCCOA3 – CO-OM Table Analysis: Periods

S_AEC_66000627 – (Not available)

S_AHR_61015504 – New/Departing Employee

S_AHR_61015536 – Expired Qualifications

S_AHR_61015568 – Job index

S_AHR_61015600 – Time Leveling

/SAPTRX/ASEHVIEW – EH list of shipments

CFM2 – Manually Activate Integration Models

CFS1 – Serialization Channels Display (Prg)

FRE11 – Initial DIF occurrence transmission

MPOORDPOSALERT – Extracts of Critical Line Items ORD

SG11 – Start Workflow

S_AHR_61015479 – RPLTFIL0

S_AHR_61015515 – Vacancy Assignments

S_AHR_61015547 – Savings Plan Premiums

S_AHR_61015579 – Daily Work Schedule

CFC01 – cFolders Backend Integr. Customizing

CMPERS_TEST – Test User Settings

FRE24 – Logistical Rounding Delta

MPO_PERS_FILL_PC – Fill for Personalization,Profit Ctrs

SPO4 – Drag&Relate Metadata: Object View

S_AHR_61015492 – Defaults for Pay Scale Reclass.

S_AHR_61015526 – Succession Planning

S_AHR_61015558 – Planned Labor Costs

S_AHR_61015590 – Att./Absences: Graphical Overview

/SAPSLL/TBDLS_SPI – Define logical system

CFDS – Customizing – MRP based DS(APO)

DRPBOOK – Display Private Booking

FRE83 – Number Range Maintenance: FRE_DIF2