Tag Archives: (CA-JVA) – Joint Venture und Production Sharing Accounting

GJ18 – Partner Suspense Clearing

GJ45 – JVA functions / function item types

GJ78 – Producing statistical ratios

GJB3 – Project type for supplemental detail

GJE9 – JV EDI Contact Function Codes

GJF7 – Create JV assessment cycle – plan

GJL7 – Plan Data Transfer by Documents

GJR3 – JV EDI Inbound: IDOC Status Report

GJSX – Call set maintenance

GJVA – Advance Tax Report

GJY6 – RW/RP Reports for JVA-Archives

PSA17 – PSA Terminal Codes

PSA73 – Production Data with Adjustments

GJ29 – Cutback rules / projects

GJ56 – Accounts for exchange differences

GJ90 – JV Realized exchange differences

GJC2 – Deactivate company in JV

GJEK – JV EDI Inbound: 819 CO Ref+Class+Sub

GJG2 – Change JV distribution cycle -actual

GJP1 – JVA NPI/CI Netting (with CI Grp)

GJRG_5J1B – Gross billable / all by cost object

GJT5_OLD – Transfer Proj./Order to Proj./Order

GJW1 – Create JV-Pricing archive

GJ_GD20 – JVA and JV-Billing items

PSA41 – Planned Volume Data Entry

GJ09 – Joint Venture detailed information

GJ39 – JV Billing indicator

GJ67 – JIB account mapping

GJA1 – Create joint operating agreement

GJDC – Dunning

GJEW – EDI inbound: Receiver’s JIBE/PASC no

GJGP – Document Entry for Local Ledgers

GJQ4 – V-T681F: Index Field Catalog

GJRG_5JCC – WBS elements: overview actuals

GJU1 – Customizing groups

GJY04 – JV bank archive administration

PSA07 – PSA Source Company Code Assignment

PSA57R – Entitlement Transfers Reversal

GJ19 – Equity Adjustments

GJ47 – Billing methods

GJ80 – JIB account mapping for AFE

GJB4 – Cost center type for suppl. detail

GJEA – EDI inbound: company configuration

GJF8 – Change JV assessment cycle – plan

GJL8 – Company code (global data)

GJR4 – EDI: Invoice and Operating Statement

GJT0 – Reverse AM/MM Transfer document

GJVB – JV Billing formats

GJZ1 – Create JV-Billing archive

PSA18 – PSA Version Mainenance