Tag Archives: (CA-JVA) – Joint Venture und Production Sharing Accounting

GJ24 – Venture classes

GJ51 – Bank accounts for cash call print

GJ85 – JV Automated Postings (Cost Calcs)

GJBR – Billing reconciliation

GJEF – EDI inbound: withhold code

GJFARM_2 – Farm in/out: JVTO1 and Cutback

GJM1 – Mark Prepaid Inventory

GJR9 – 810/819 Property Error

GJT3 – JV Transfer Asset to Asset

GJVG – Bank Acct Switch – Create Data

GJZ6 – RW/RP Reports for Billing-Archives

PSA30 – PSA Product Assignment

GJ02 – JV Gross Cash Call To Equit Group

GJ33 – Equity types

GJ62 – JV Bi.Meth./CompCd. assignment

GJ96 – Payroll Burden Clearing

GJCN – Convenience netting

GJEQ – EDI inbound: 819 acc class+sub

GJG8 – Change JV distribution cycle – plan

GJPTS – Payment term schema

GJRG_5J1H – Gross non-operated by cost object

GJTE – Equity change asset transact. types

GJX4 – V-T681F: Index Field Catalog

PSA02 – PSA Authorities

PSA55 – PSC Calculation Actual

GJ13 – Joint Venture Ledger Extract

GJ40 – Accounts for supplemental billing

GJ74 – Stepped rate rules

GJAA – JOA Master Transaction

GJE5 – JV EDI Communications Code

GJF3 – Display JV assessment cycle – actual

GJJA – JV Load Balancing

GJQA – Change Condition Table (CRP)

GJRX – Bericht ausw

GJV3 – Display Joint Venture Master

GJY2 – Delete archived JV-Cutback Data

PSA13 – PSA Group

PSA70 – JV Partner Entitlement

GJ25 – Cutback rules / accounts

GJ52 – Non-operated billing forms

GJ86 – Customize report selection

GJBS – Assign substitution to JV company

GJEG – EDI inbound: mapping qualifier

GJFARM_3 – FarmIn/Out Cash Call redetermination

GJM2 – Display Prepaid Inventory

GJRC – Cash Call Reclass

GJT3_OLD – Retirement of Venture Owned Assets

GJVL – JV layout sets

GJZA – Company code (global data)

PSA31 – Calculation Scheme Assignment