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BF06 – Processes: Allocation of appl.comp.

BF41 – Application Modules per Process

FINP – Info System Processes

BF07 – Process Interfaces: Overview

BF42 – Partner Modules per Process

SHOW_REPORT_R1 – Display Source for Report R_TAB…

BF11 – BTE Evaluation Criteria

BF44 – Customer Modules per Process

SHOW_REPORT_R2 – Display Source for Report R_ALV…

BF12 – Partners

BFST – Attibutes for Selection of Events

SHOW_REPORT_R3 – Display Source for Report R_ALV…

BF21 – SAP Application Products


BERE – Business Event Repository

SHOW_REPORT_R4 – Display Source for Report R_QUE…

BF22 – Business Framework: Partner Products

COATE – COAT: Extract

BERP – Business Processes

SHOW_REPORT_R5 – Display Source for Report R_ALV_…

BF23 – Activate Partner Products

COATR – COAT: Repository

BF01 – P&S BTEs

SHOW_REPORT_R6 – Display Source for Report R_ALV_…

BF24 – Customer Products

COAT_CUST – COAT Customizing of Attributes

BF02 – Bus. Events: Assignment of app.comp.

SHOW_REPORT_SOURCE – Call ABAP Code Display from Docu.

BF31 – Application modules per Event

COAT_CUST_SAP – COAT Customizing of SAP Attributes

BF03 – Business Event Repository: Overview

S_S6B_86000007 – (Not available)

BF32 – Partner Modules per Event

FIBF – Maintenance transaction BTE

BF05 – Process BTEs

BF34 – Customer Modules per Event

FINF – Info System Events