Tag Archives: (CA-GTF-QR) – Qualifications and Requirements

PPQ1 – Find Objects for Qualifications

S_PH9_46000016 – Qualifications Overview

OOSC – Define Scales

PPQ2 – Find Objects for Requirements

HRPDV00REPORT0001 – Maintained Qualifications

S_PH9_46000017 – Succession Overview

PEPM – Profile Matchup

PPQ3 – Find Objects for Profile

OOAK – Selection Criteria (Detail)

S_PH9_46000018 – Objects with Unrated Qualifications

PEPP – Profiles

PPQD – Display Qualifications Catalog

OOAK_NEW – Criteria for Detailed Selection

S_PH9_46000019 – Objects w/o Qualis or Requirements

PO11 – Maintain Qualification

PPRP – Reporting: Personnel Development

OOEP – Set Suitability Areas

S_PH9_46000022 – List of Alternative Qualifications

PPCP – Career Planning

PPSP – Succession Planning

OOPF – Define Profiles

S_S7B_68000078 – (Not available)

PPEM – PD: Display Organizational Structure

PPUP – Settings: User Parameters

OOQ4 – Maintain Career Model

PPLB – Evaluate Careers

PP_MY_PROFILEMATCHUP – Profile Matchup With Own Position

OOQ5 – Copy Requirements Profile to Holder

PPPD – Display Profile

PP_MY_QUALIFICATIONS – Display Qualifications Profile

OOQA – Change Qualifications Catalog

PPPE_SEARCH_FOR_Q – Find Objects for Qualifications

PP_MY_REQUIREMENTS – Display Requirements Profile

OOQM – Qual. Profile: Mass Data Maintenance

PPPM – Change Profile

S_PH0_48000372 – InfoSet Query: Personnel Development

OOQU – Settings for Personnel Development