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DXX05 – DARTX Application Maintenance

FTWQMD – Number range maintenance: TXW_SN_MD

DXXVW – Execute Data View

ILM_C_OBJECTS – Define Archiving Objects

FTWF – Data extract browser

DXX06 – DARTX Reference Table Maintenance

FTWQTD – Number range maintenance: TXW_SN_TD

FTW0 – Tax data retention and reporting

ILM_C_RAOB – Register Archiving Objects

FTWH – Data view queries

DXX07 – DARTX Data Set/Segment Assignments

FTWR – File size worksheet

FTW1A – Extract Data

ILM_C_RAOB_TAB – Register Archiving Objects Tables

DXCF – DARTX Field Catalog

FTWI – Create background job

DXX08 – DARTX Data Set Maintenance

FTWS – Transport configuration and logs

FTWA – Extract data

ILM_C_SOEX – Define Segments to Extract

DXCS – DARTX Segment Catalog

FTWJ – Clear data retrieved from archives

DXX09 – DARTX Global Settings Maintenance

FTWW – List segment information

FTWB – Retrieve archived data

ILM_C_STRC – Define Structures

DXEV – DARTX Extract Administration

FTWK – Delete extracts

DXX10 – DARTX Maintain Segment Relationships

FTWX – Data file view authority groups

FTWC – Merge extracts

ILM_E_DISPLAY – Display Archive Files

DXVW – DARTX Data View Administration

FTWL – Display extract log

DXX11 – DARTX Maintain Sel.Parameter Display

FTWY – Maintain data file view

FTWCF – Field catalog

ILM_E_SELECT – Run Archiving for ILM

DXX01 – DARTX Maintain Authorization Groups

FTWM – Rebuild data extract

DXX12 – DARTX Directory Group Maintenance

FTWYR – DART: Maintain Segment Relationships

FTWCS – Segment catalog

S_P6D_40000025 – Read view query log (extract splitte

DXX02 – DARTX Segment Maintenance

FTWN – Display view query log

DXX13 – DARTX Maintain Customer Seg. Control

ILM_C_APPL – Define Applications

FTWD – Verify data extract checksums

S_P6D_40000026 – DART: Associated data detector